Preschool Zoo Crafts

Here’s a list of quick & easy zoo crafts for your next preschool monthly theme. You’ll find craft stick puppets, process art, and everything in between! Teach your little kids all about the zoo while learning the alphabet too! 

collage of zoo crafts with text: Quick & Easy Zoo Crafts for Little KidsLittle kids love the zoo and of course animals in general. I know the little guy does and I’m willing to bet that your preschoolers do too.

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Here’s a list of quick & easy ideas for zoo crafts for toddlers and preschoolers!  

Animal ABC Crafts Perfect for Unit Studies

You’ll find everything from craft sticks puppets to process art. Roar like a lion and fly like a bird. Your little kids will love making fun crafts featuring their favorite zoo animal friends. 

preschooler holding A is for Alligator craft
A is for Alligator Zoo Craft 

This fun puppet will give kids the chance to practice their pasting skills while making their very own alligator puppet to play with. 

preschooler holding B is for Bird craft
B is for Bird Zoo Craft

Make these birds for a fun finger play with puppets! They’re perfect for bringing to life your own version of Two Little Blackbirds. Add in color practice by having kids rename their “blackbirds” after the colors of their feathers.

preschooler sprinkling sand on C is for Camel craft
C is for Camel Zoo Craft

This craft is so perfect for a science lesson! Do you know how much water a camel can drink or what the function of a camel’s hump is? My little guy loves learning about animals and crafts are a tangible way to help him remember all the fun things we learn.

D is for Dolphin craft made from blue tissue paper, glitter and cardstock
D is for Dolphin Zoo Craft

D is also for “don’t” as in, “don’t be afraid of the glitter.” This process art activity is totally worth the mess! Try it and I’m sure you’ll agree. This D is for Dolphin Zoo Craft is also perfect for introducing the concept of mixed media to your little learners. 

preschooler holding E is for elephant zoo craft and smiling
E is for Elephant Zoo Craft 

I love interactive crafts! My fridge is covered with my kids’ artwork too, but isn’t it great when they make something they can use and enjoy? After all, kids learn best through play! So dive into a fun lesson all about elephants and make your own elephant to explore what you’ve learned.

preschooler holding F is for Fox craft
F is for Fox Zoo Craft

Of course one of the best ways to practice the alphabet is to make the letters! With this craft, little learners can make their very own letter F with a fun animal spin.

preschooler painting with comb
G is for Gorilla Zoo Craft

Little kids love texture painting and this G is for Gorilla Zoo Craft includes a fun comb painting technique. Comb painting is a quick and easy way to make animal fur for all your preschool zoo crafts! 

preschooler holding J is for Jellyfish Zoo Craft and smiling
J is for Jellyfish Zoo Craft 

Jellyfish are all kinds of awesome and of course, this J is for Jellyfish craft is too! Don’t forget to add this adorable jellyfish craft to your zoo or ocean preschool theme. 

preschooler holding L is for Llama Zoo Craft and smiling
L is for Llama Zoo Craft

Make a cute llama paper craft using yarn! This L is for Llama Zoo Craft is perfect for practicing important fine motor skills like cutting and pasting. 

preschooler making U is for urchin craft with painted toothpicks
U is for Urchin Zoo Craft 

As an added bonus, this process art activity also builds fine motor skills as children explore pinching and dipping toothpicks to form fantastic sea urchins of their own. I love it when you can achieve two goals with one activity. Want to teach science while you practice fine motor skills and learn about the letter U? Just add in a fun book or video all about sea urchins. Math? Try counting the toothpicks your little one uses to build his urchins. So many possibilities and so much fun!

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collage of zoo crafts with text: Quick & Easy Zoo Crafts for Preschoolers