Free Printable Winter Scrapbooking Ideas Photo Challenge

This free printable Winter photo challenge is filled with lots of unique and special Winter Scrapbooking Ideas to try this year. Download yours today!

collage of winter scrapbooking ideas with text: Free Printable Winter Photo ChallengeI’m really excited about this new Free Printable Winter Scrapbooking Ideas Photo Challenge! Winter is the perfect time to break out the camera and experiment with a new photo challenge.

Plus, there are so many great scrapbooking gift ideas to use your new photos in. If you’re looking for a fun new Winter project or activity, you definitely don’t want to miss these Winter scrapbooking ideas.

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Keep reading to discover a whole list of fun scrapbooking ideas available in this free printable project list, and get some great scrapbooking holiday gift ideas to wrap up for your loved ones this Winter too.

Winter Scrapbooking Ideas

I love compiling the little moments into a scrapbook of memories for the future. It’s the simple things, the small memories, that we truly want to remember. The way your baby smiles, how cold Winter air feels on your nose, hot cocoa almost burning your tongue each year… these are the things we need to remember.

You can use these winter scrapbooking ideas to remind you of all the little moments. Then, share them with others. Imagine how much Grandma would love to see those little moments happening at your breakfast table, then capture it with this Winter photo challenge.

Not sure what sorts of layouts to include in your Winter scrapbook? Everyone has a page for snow and a page for Christmas. What about a page for the kids bundled up in Winter layers like the children in your favorite winter storybook. You can snap photos of the crazy sweaters and the chilly mornings and share them with everyone you love using these free printable Winter scrapbooking ideas.

Photo Challenge Holiday Gift Ideas

Perhaps you’re looking for gifts to give your friends and family this year. This photo challenge is perfect for holiday gift-giving. Put together all the images in this Winter photo challenge and share them. Here are some creative ways to use your photos:

  • A cup of hot chocolate – Use this photo challenge (#1 on the list) as the label for a carefully curated hot chocolate gift set this Winter.
  • Candlelight – This image (#12 on the list) will make a personal gift tag that’s perfect for the candle lover in your life.
  • Landscape  – Frame your landscape (#15 on the list) and give it to a loved one who lives far away.
  • Silhouette – You can use this photo (# 23 on the list) along with some black card stock and scissors to create some beautiful silhouettes to frame for family.

Ready to start taking uncommon and beautiful Winter photos for your scrapbook this year? Keep reading to learn more about the photo challenges that made the list. Then, download your own Winter scrapbooking ideas list today.

Free Printable Winter Photo Challenge

collage of Free Printable Winter Scrapbooking Ideas

These Winter scrapbooking ideas are perfect for building a unique scrapbook, creating precious gifts for loved ones, or spicing up your Instagram feed this year. Check out more of the Winter photo challenge ideas from the list below. Then, download your own Free Printable Winter Scrapbooking Ideas Photo Challenge today.

  1. Cup of hot chocolate
  2. Chilly morning
  3. Fresh snow
  4. Berries
  5. Evergreen
  6. Sunset
  7. Puddle
  8. Clouds
  9. Something frozen
  10. Light
  11. Morning
  12. Candlelight
  13. White
  14. Pinecones
  15. Landscape
  16. Winter sun
  17. Twig
  18. Sweater
  19. Fireplace
  20. Warmth
  21. Window view
  22. Moon
  23. Silhouette
  24. Soft
  25. Reading
  26. 4 pm
  27. Tradition
  28. Family
  29. Red
  30. Cozy

After you download your Winter photo challenge, let me know which scrapbooking challenge you’d like to see next. I can’t wait to read your ideas in the comment section!

What Fall memories are you planning to document this year? Share your Fall scrapbook ideas in the comments. I can’t wait to read your ideas!

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collage of winter scrapbooking ideas with text: Winter Scrapbooking Ideas Photo Challenge