Free Printable Winter Nature Journaling for Kids

I’m so excited to share this new Winter Nature Journaling for Kids printable with you. This page is perfect for beginning a nature study with your kids this Winter. Don’t let the cold weather give you cabin fever, bundle up and get outdoors for fresh air and adventure.

winter nature journaling for kids printable surrounded by pinecones and pine branches with text: Free Printable Winter Nature JournalingExploring the natural world with kids encourages them to be curious, make observations, and learn more about the world around them. This Winter Nature Journaling for Kids printable will help them get started on the right foot by encouraging them to draw and write about the things they notice.

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You can use this printable nature study page on an upcoming hike, planned nature walks, or just in your backyard.

Keep reading for more great nature study ideas and tips to help you introduce your little explorers to the great outdoors.

Winter Nature Study Ideas

There are so many excellent ways to incorporate nature study into your lessons this Winter! Kids of all ages can learn and explore Winter weather, animals, and plants.

Begin by spending some time outdoors exploring nature with children using this nature study printable.

Here are a few more fun Winter nature study ideas to explore with your little learners:

  • Snowstorm Winter Process Art: We love adding process art activities to our nature journaling fun and I’m willing to bet that your little kids will too!
  • Ice Sounds Investigation Station: Use this activity to help your little explorers study the sounds ice can make. Don’t forget to listen to see if you can hear these sounds while you’re outdoors studying nature this Winter too.
  • B is for Bird Craft: Winter is the perfect season for bird watching! Give the kids a set of binoculars and you might be surprised by what they see. When the outdoor fun is done, have fun building this adorable bird craft indoors.
  • Snowflake Tracing Worksheets: Use these printable tracing pages to teach your preschoolers and kindergartners that every snowflake is unique.

Tips for Exploring Nature in Winter

Spending time in nature has benefits for everyone! Exploring nature with your kids this Winter will fill them with curiosity and wonder. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to explore the natural world this season.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the thought of trekking through the woods this Winter, check out these tips and tricks for exploring nature with kids this Winter:

Dress for the Weather

Layers are perfect for Winter weather. Extra layers will help keep your children warmer. Plus, you’ll be able to remove some clothing later in the day if the weather gets warmer… or if your kids get all wet jumping in puddles like mine.

Dressing for the weather while studying nature this Winter will help keep everyone warm and happy while you explore the great outdoors together.

Set an Attainable Goal

Know your limits and set attainable goals. This past summer, we discovered that any hike over 2 miles would be miserable. Our kids were too tired after two miles to continue without lots of complaining.

When planning an outdoor nature study with young children, try to choose terrain that’s easy to navigate and begin with short distances.

Get Outdoors Every Day

Include outdoor activity in your everyday routine. If spending time outside is a regular part of your schedule, your kids will expect it. If it’s part of the routine, they’re unlikely to be confused, overwhelmed, or surprised by the chill in the air. Plus, it’s good for you!

We’ve been spending lots of time outside this winter. We’ve had snowball fights, observed snowflakes and icicles, and of course built a snowman too.

End with a Cozy Reward

Sometimes all you need to get going on a Winter nature study is the thought of a cozy reward once you finish.

When your kids are all finished exploring nature this Winter, bring them inside to spend time recording and coloring everything they saw with these Winter nature journaling printables.

Share some hot cocoa with lots of marshmallows and read a favorite Winter storybook to end your successful nature study day. Here are some of our favorites:

How will you introduce nature study to your little explorers this Winter? Do you already have a nature study routine?

Share your tips and tricks in the comments. Then, check out the nature journaling pages I’ve created for every season:

Winter Nature Journaling for Kids

Winter Observations printable surrounded by pinecones and pine branches

Keep in mind that all preschoolers do things in their own time and on their own terms. What one is ready for, another might not be. Please use your best mama judgement when planning activities for your little kids.

I hope you enjoy using these nature journaling for kids printables with your little kids as much as I enjoyed creating them with mine.

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Don’t forget to stop by next week if you’re interested in seeing what we’re up to with our around the world theme!

winter nature journaling for kids printable surrounded by pinecones and pine branches with text: Free Printable Winter Observations

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