Why You Need to Declutter Your Craft Room Today!

Are you struggling to declutter your craft room and can’t figure out how something that seems so simple can be so difficult? Check out this latest post that answers the question you’re probably asking, Why Is Decluttering My Craft Room and Getting Organized So Difficult? Get ready to face the challenge and organize your craft room as we discuss why organizing craft rooms is so difficult and learn how to begin the journey.

organized craft workspace with text overlay: Why Is Organizing Your Craft Room So DifficultMy craft room is my safe space. It’s a place to relax, get creative, and express myself. When my craft room becomes messy or cluttered, it can be difficult to get organized and get back to creating. Sometimes it seems easier to avoid the space altogether rather than get started decluttering your craft room.

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Are you still unsure about where to begin? When you look around your craft room, do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed? Are you constantly asking yourself, “Why is decluttering my craft room so difficult?”

Sometimes organizing is all kinds of hard, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Let’s get real for a minute here… Do you think that just having less stuff might be a game-changer for you?

Maybe it’s time to grab an empty box and start purging. No cheating, though. This is one of those things that involves being committed.  Make a commitment to declutter your craft room and reap the benefits today. Keep reading to discover more ideas for getting started.

Why Is Organizing My Craft Room So Difficult?

Do you really need 100+ rolls of washi? What about all the small things that are scattered everywhere? And let’s not forget about the 10-foot pile of patterned paper in the corner?

Whoa! Wait a minute!

One thing that I’ve noticed over and over again (and it’s not necessarily a bad thing) is that lots of us crafty types find inspiration in the simplest of things. Everyday items get saved because they would be great for a project.

craft workspace with paints, inks and markers in wooden organizers
But saving too many items you might never use can leave you feeling paralyzed and unable to complete projects that are important to you. Consider slowing down the input and decluttering some of the items in your craft room that you’ve been saving “just in case.”

I’ve talked about input versus output before. If you’re interested, you can read that post. The important takeaway is that your crafting personality is going to play a big role in beginning your journey to decluttering your craft room.

If you’re not overwhelmed by your stuff then you can skip decluttering and move straight to organizing your supplies.  Then, you’ll be able to get back to creating in a more relaxing and productive space. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the clutter in your craft room, then it’s time to get rid of some things.

Take a hard look at your stash and purge what you don’t think you’ll eventually use.

Consider letting go of these items:

  • Items you don’t think you’ll use
  • Broken things
  • Supplies that no longer fit your style

Buying New Items While Decluttering Your Craft Room

Yep, I’m going there. It’s hard to resist buying new craft supplies. Oftentimes, new items encourage us to get creative and spark new ideas. However, I’d like to challenge you to find inspiration by using items you already have. Get creative about what and how you’re using items for crafting!

If you’re shopping just for the sake of shopping and not actually using what you’re buying, it’s probably time to find another hobby. It’s become a running joke in the creative mama community that we sometimes buy supplies for the fun of it, but when buying craft supplies rather than creating becomes the hobby it’s probably time to re-evaluate your goals. Do you actually want to make things?

Do you enjoy spending all your time purchasing, organizing, and decluttering craft supplies?

Today, I encourage you to figure out what makes you happy and get to it! You’ve totally got this!

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organized craft workspace with text overlay: Why Organizing Your Craft Room Is So Difficult

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