20+ VBS Crafts & Activities for Little Kids

If you’re looking for quick & easy VBS crafts and activities, here’s a list of 20+ ideas to help little kids learn and remember lots of different bible stories and concepts. Check it out! 

collage of bible crafts and activities with text: 20+ VBS Crafts & Activities for Little KidsI’m excited to share all of these VBS crafts and activities with you that are perfect for teaching little kids all about the Bible. Keep scrolling to get access to all these awesome activities!

I have very fond memories of Vacation Bible School (VBS) growing up, so I was thrilled when my son went last year. He had a great time and he still talks about it!

VBS might only last one week, but with these resources you can keep learning about the faith with your little ones throughout the year.

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VBS helps kids get involved with their church while learning about God and developing a deeper faith through fun activities and fellowship together.

Volunteering to help with Vacation Bible School can be a great way for parents to get involved. It’s the perfect way to get to know other parents in the church too.

Vacation Bible School Crafts

But, don’t Vacation Bible School teachers need lots of fun Bible activities up their sleeves? What if you aren’t crafty, but you still want to volunteer? Just keep scrolling and you’ll soon have tons of amazing VBS craft and activities to choose from.

Little kids learn from hands-on experiences and these Vacation Bible School crafts and activities are exactly that.

Encourage creative thinking and problem-solving skills and have lots of fun exploring God’s love in the process. This list will give you tons of awesome ideas. 

Bible Story Crafts

In this list of resources, you’ll find crafts that explore familiar bible stories:

  • Jonah and the whale craft: Kids can build their own whale from a paper bowl and construction paper.
  • Daniel in the lions’ den: Children will enjoy making their own paper bag puppet lions with mouths that open and close just like the lions in Daniel’s story!
  • Joseph and the coat of many colors: Little kids will love designing and decorating their very own colorful coat.

You can use crafts with your VBS class to help children remember these important Bible stories all year long. After all, what better way to teach these amazing stories to your little kids than getting creative! 

These were all total hits with the little guy! Jonah and the Whale is still one of his favorite Bible stories.  He had a blast making the whale craft and that was years ago. 

Bible Lesson Crafts

Teaching more abstract lessons can sometimes be difficult. The following crafts are perfect for introducing important themes that don’t always line up with a certain Bible story:

  • Jesus wants me to be kind: This memorable activity uses crafts sticks to help children remember important VBS lessons and verses.
  • God heals my broken heart: This activity asks children to mend hearts made of paper as a way of illustrating how God heals our hearts.
  • There is only one true God: Children can use blocks to begin to understand idols and learn that there is only one true God.

Crafts like forgiveness bracelets and religious art using important symbols like the cross or the fire of the Holy Spirit are a great way to help little kids understand abstract ideas in a more concrete way.

What an amazing adventure Vacation Bible School is going to be!  

Keep scrolling to see all of the wonderful VBS crafts and activities and get started learning about the Bible with your little kids today! 

VBS Crafts

I hope that you and your little kids enjoyed all of these awesome VBS crafts & activities! 

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collage of bible crafts and activities with text: 20+ VBS Crafts & Activities for Little Kids