C is for Camel

collage of toddler camel activities with text overlay: Our Tot School Days with Mother Goose Time C is for CamelThis post may contain affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you if an item is purchased through one of these links.  For more information, see my disclosures here.

A huge thanks to Experience Early Learning (formerly Mother Goose Time) for providing us with their Experience Preschool curriculum for free in exchange for sharing our honest and authentic stories resulting from our personal experiences. It’s been such a huge blessing to us! As always, my opinions on awesome stuff for little kids are 100% my own.

Keep in mind that all preschoolers do things in their own time and on their own terms. What one is ready for, another might not be. Please use your best mama judgement when planning activities for your little kids. 

If you missed our B is for Bird post, definitely check it out here. We had lots of fun and I of course played along and made a cool bird out of a bottle.

My little zookeeper must really love his job because he did double-duty today. The Day 3 topic was C is for Camel, which meant lots of sand for us to play with.

This zoo manager mama was totally on top of things and had all of our stuff already set up. Go me!

shelf containing toddler activities on trays
This is our journaling tray and of course our camel-themed activities. E has a little art journal that’s his and he uses it each and every day. It’s a 5.5 in. x 8 in. spiral-bound journal.

We started with the Little Goose Look for the Camel activity and he was all about the cool magnifying glasses that came in this month’s Mother Goose Time box.

toddler boy looking at zoo theme poster on table
I showed him the camel on the magnifying glass and then asked him to find the same picture on the theme poster.

toddler boy holding two paper magnifying glasses
Yep! Not sure what it is about these, but he’s lovin’ them! Lol…

We started the Camel Homes activity and I shared with him that camels have long eyelashes to protect their eyes from the sand. He wasn’t particularly interested in this, so instead of forcing it, we moved on. With toddlers, you definitely have to be flexible. I just sort of go with it. Tomorrow is another day and something that wasn’t a hit today might be all kinds of awesome in his eyes tomorrow or even next week. Remember, all little kids have different interests. And, for that matter, those interests are evolving and changing all the time.

toddler boy reaching for pencil
The little guy spent some time decorating his “My Little Journal” too. I can’t wait to see this book at the end of the month. He always seems to enjoy journaling activities. He’s obviously not writing yet, but I’m sure he’ll have the entire book all filled up within a few weeks.

tray with camel manipulatives in oatmeal next to clear cup of water with eyedropper
Here’s our Thirsty Camels “tray play” for today. The eye dropper was a lot easier for him than the tweezers were. He managed to figure it out on his own. This was another one that he spent quite a bit of time working on. The little guy seems to really enjoy any kind of fine motor activity. I have yet to put together a “tray play” that doesn’t go over well. And even before we started using Mother Goose Time and I’d create an “invitation to play,” he was all over it.

toddler boy reaching for eyedropper in clear cup
There’s just something about messy stuff when you’re a toddler, right? I used oatmeal, but only because that’s what we had and this curriculum is totally flexible. Mother Goose Time uses common household items for the activities, but if there’s something you don’t have, it’s easy to substitute something else, which I’ve been doing just about every day. Lol…

toddler boy squirting water on camel manipulatives with eyedropper
We finished up for today and had our usual zookeeper meeting. We added the camel card to our A to Zoo book and listened to “C is for Camel” on our A to Zoo Animals CD.

I can’t even wrap my head around how much the little guy seems to love our Mother Goose Time activities and it’s definitely something that you can just open and go. It’s so easy to put the Teacher Guide and the Little Goose supplement side by side and work from both at the same time. They complement one another perfectly. Switch out one set of activities for another and you’re ready to go. And I’m lovin’ that about it!

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