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Every year, I share pictures of my current studio. If you look back through the archives, you can see the evolution of my space in its entirety. It’s hard to believe how much things have changed over the years. I started in a tiny corner of our unfinished kitchen and now I’m wrapping things up with getting us moved into a dedicated creative space. And of course now there’s the little guy too, so apparently I have to share. Lol…

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organized craft room with several shelves and workspaces
The little guy and I have a tentative agreement. He gets half and I get half. This is my creative space. I know, I know. We’re hilarious, aren’t we?

child's play area within a craft room next to a table containing beads organized into clear stacking containers
I’m sure you can tell what’s his and what’s mine, right? Eventually, the card table will be getting replaced with my DIY pipe workbench. We started this project months ago, but we keep getting side-tracked. My husband finally brought home cabinet-grade plywood and then the little guy and I both ended up sick, so I haven’t made it out to the shed to sand it yet. When we get that finished, I want to get a piece of peg board and hang it on this wall as well.

rolling cart filled with stickers
And this beautiful piece of furniture is my Ikea Raskog cart, which I finally managed to get organized. The top is all of my stickers, the middle is ephemera-type stuff, and the bottom is Thickers. I’m seriously head over heels in love with this thing.

large wire shelf filled with scrapbooking supplies organized into different types of containers
I use this wire rack to organize all of my solid cardstock and patterned paper, kits & collections, etc. I also keep both of my cutters on this shelf. The galvanized metal bins on the top two shelves are mostly filled with raw chipboard and mini-albums.

table and chairs in a craft room
This table and chairs has sort of become a makeshift island. Lol… I’m not entirely sure how that happened, but it works. At some point, I want to paint it white. I would also love to buy some galvanized stools to fill in as needed.

wire shelf filled with unfinished projects and kits
These wire storage cubes are where I store our projects in progress. If you look closely, you can see that the little guy has a shelf for his stuff too. The two-tier serving tray on top is where I keep all of my mists.

shelf filled with embellishments organized in containers and albums
This shelf is home to all of my scrapbooking supplies. Embellishments, albums, washi, etc. I also keep my light set over in this corner. It’s out of the way and the little guy tends to leave it alone, so…

desk with organized mixed media and art journaling supplies
Here’s my mixed media & art journaling workspace. I have all of my paints and Copics organized by color, which I absolutely love. It’s so easy to find exactly what I’m looking for.

wire shelf with mixed media and art journaling supplies in baskets, chipboard, Project Life kits and canvases stacked neatly on shelves
This shelf is where I store the rest of my mixed media & art journaling supplies as well as some of my Project Life stuff.

Iris storage units filled with paper organized by color
These Iris case storage units hold all of my scraps. I consider anything less than 12×12 a scrap and they’re of course labelled by color.

revolving organizer on wooden table
This is my Project Life workspace. I’m slowly working on getting things set up for this year. I’m hoping to be able to work on this album as we come and go from this room throughout the day, so… We’ll see how that works out.

handmade desk with two laptops and a tablet
My DIY sawhorse desk is blogging headquarters, as you can probably tell. This is also where I spend a completely asinine amount of time each and every week. Who knew blogging was so much work. Lol…

child's play area with books and games organized on shelves and baskets of toys on the floor
And last, but not least, here’s the little guy’s space. And yes, the natural light is amazing mid-day, which is when I took these pictures. We’re in the process of setting up “quiet boxes” for him, so those are stacked up in the corner at the moment. I’d like to get a few wide shelves for him as well as the Ikea Latt table and chairs. All of his books, puzzles, and art supplies are in here too. His “Tot School” stuff is actually kind of starting to take over. Lol…

container of calendar pieces on top stacked rainbow sensory bins
We also did a bunch of rainbow sensory bins, so those are stacked up as well. And of course our calendar pieces are organized and ready to go in this little metal utensil caddy.

There’s still a lot to do in this space, but we’ve definitely made quite a bit of progress. I can’t wait to finish up these last few projects and share the final reveal of the studio project.

How has your creative space evolved over the years? Leave a comment and share.

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