The Studio (2017)

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Each year, I share updated pictures of the studio. So many people have told me that they enjoy seeing how our creative space has evolved over time and of course so do I.

A friend of mine said she loves how my space has turned into the little guy’s foot by foot. Ain’t that the truth! Lol… You know, especially considering there’s now a mini trampoline in front of my galvanized pipe workbench. If you look closely, you can sort of see the edge of it.

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Yep, that would totally be his doing. It’s all good, though. I wouldn’t trade this time with him for anything.

wooden table and chairs in center of craft room
Not much has changed as far as my stuff goes. I’m still using the two black wire racks for embellishments, which are sorted + stored in the wicker and canvas baskets.

And the Raskog cart is full of Thickers and letter stickers. If you’re interested in seeing how I organize patterned paper, you can find everything you ever wanted to know about it here.

craft workspace filled with organized scrapbooking supplies
This is what my main workspace looks like these days. I love having things out where I can see them. Talk about an inspiration!

10-drawer rolling cart in front of cube shelf filled with children's books
The little guy’s library has grown exponentially this year. Not surprising, I’m sure. Lol… This is our calendar and weather center as well as his alphabet tree and preschool workboxes.

clear plastic drawer filled with preschool math manipulatives, number cookie cutters, and counting cards
Here’s a quick peek into one of the little guy’s workboxes. Each of the drawers in this cart include at least 1-2 activities that he can do while I’m working. They’re of course meant to be fun.

cube shelf filled with kids' art supplies
I got a few 6-cube bookshelves not too long ago and this one is the little guy’s art space. All of his paint, stamps, and Play-Doh are on these shelves. He also has a galvanized locker bin full of miscellaneous craft supplies.

child's arts supplies on a shelf
If you remember a while back, I put together the rainbow sensory bins for him and they’re still a favorite around here. And lots of crayons, markers, and colored pencils.

wicker basket filled with preschool curriculum
This is where we keep all of our daily discovery bags for Mother Goose Time. This basket is awesome. Not only does all of the current month’s stuff fit in here, but also everything that’s left over from previous months too.

handmade desk workspace with laptops and electronic die cutting machines
My dad made this sawhorse desk for me last year for Christmas and I still love it. I’m officially a work-at-home mama these days and this is where I do all of my blog work too.

shelves filled with kids' books, puzzles and games
This is the other 6-cube bookshelf that I bought. Lots of puzzles + games. Oh, and Buck Denver too. The little guy loves it, so I got him the entire series on DVD for Christmas.

Our Montessori-inspired shelves are still a lot of the same. One of these days I seriously need to start all over again, though. Lol… These things get cluttered ridiculously quickly. Lol…

child's play area with table and chairs, rocking chair, and bookshelves filled with toys
Yep, this mama bought a $5 rag rug for underneath the little guy’s table. It does its job. I was really just looking for a quick fix until I can get to Ikea. Two brand-spankin’-new coordinating rugs are calling my name. Fun times!

magnet board with magnetic gears and bean bag chair
Remember the little guy’s magnet center? It’s still there… And of course he still loves it!

There’s definitely all kinds of awesome packed into this space, don’t ya think?

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