10+ Summer Preschool Monthly Themes

Here are 10+ Summer Preschool Monthly Themes that will for sure wow your little kids! Explore famous artists, pretend to be scientists, and even visit the zoo! You’re definitely not going to want to miss these fun preschool craft & activity ideas!

collage of preschool activities with text: 10 Summer Preschool ThemesWow! This is it, friends! The last post in our seasons preschool monthly themes series. This post is full of fun ideas for summer preschool monthly themes. You’re definitely not going to want to miss these versatile ideas for summer crafts & activities for your little kids!

You’ll find everything from an island adventure to an ocean exploration and everything in between. There’s no shortage of amazing ideas in this post for your preschool classroom.

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And of course the same goes if you’re homeschooling preschool too. I’ve done most of these themes both in my classroom as well as at home and they were loved equally in both settings.

Summer is seriously my favorite time of the year and with it comes perfect weather for all kinds of awesome water activities! We learned about famous artists, pretended to be scientists, and so much more. These are the themes that your preschoolers will ask to do over and over again.

And for that matter, we have done a lot of these preschool monthly themes more than once. I’m sure you know how that goes. When you find something that works, you stick with it. I seriously love teaching preschool both at home as well as in the classroom. There’s just something about this age group. Little kids are so inquisitive and so interested in everything around them.

When you’re three or four or even five, the world is amazing and everything in it is magnificent. There’s no shortage of things to discover and explore. It’s wonderful and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Every now and again we stumble across a theme that we both love and there’s no doubt that these were a few of our absolute favorites. Our first summer of preschool homeschool included A to Zoo Animals, Art Studio, and Science Lab. That’s a summer that I’m sure neither of us will ever forget. We had so much fun!

We were zookeepers, artists, and scientists. And you know what? So many wonderful memories were made while we played and learned together. What more could a homeschool mama ask for?

Summer Preschool Themes

  • Art Studio – We spent a month over the summer doing artist studies and learning about different techniques. Talk about lots of fun! I love art, so this theme was great for the little guy to give him a bit of an introduction to art appreciation.
  • Science Lab – This was our all-time favorite preschool monthly theme. Nothing could even come close to comparing to pretending to be scientists and exploring Chemistry and Physics, Biology and Engineering. We’ve loved this theme both times and I’m sure that your little kids will too.
  • Alphabet Island – Take a trip to Alphabet Island! We reviewed letters and learned about life on an island. We talked about waterfalls and experimented with things that sink or float.
  • Bubbles, Boats & Floats – We just did this one last summer and it was a splashin’ good time. Quite literally! We made bubbles in lots of different ways, learned about rivers and lakes, the water cycle, and even rainbows. A great time was obviously had by all.
  • Let’s Go Camping – Have you ever taken your little kids camping? This was a really neat preschool monthly theme! We learned about the night stars, woodland animals, and even sang campfire songs. Check it out! 
  • Nature Detectives – Nature Detectives was an entire month of nature study. We learned about air, water, trees, and dirt. We learned about all kinds of fun stuff that we could do in nature and created nature journals too. 
  • Ocean Commotion – What could be more fun than exploring the ocean? Your little kids will definitely look forward to each day as they learn about saltwater, coral reefs, sea creatures large and small, and ocean exploration.
  • Superheroes – I’m willing to bet that your little kids will be just as excited about a fun Superheroes theme as mine was. One of my favorite things about this theme was learning about saving the planet. We talked about the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse, and recycle) and of course protecting plants and animals.
  • A to Zoo Animals – Does your preschooler want to be a zookeeper? A to Zoo Animals was a month-long review of the alphabet focusing on a different animal for each letter from A to Z. This was our very first preschool monthly theme.

Of course let’s not forget about the more traditional summer preschool monthly themes!

  • Summer – Ready for some summer fun? June, July, and August mean swimming and vacations, the beach and lemonade stands. The possibilities for a summer preschool monthly theme are endless.

Are you a homeschool mom who has some favorites as far as preschool monthly themes? Leave a comment and share.

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