Free Printable Spring Scrapbooking Ideas Photo Challenge

I am loving these free printable photo challenges! The checklists are so easy to use and filled with photography ideas. If you haven’t tried a photo challenge checklist yet, you’re definitely going to want to try these free printable Spring Scrapbooking Ideas

Spring Scrapbooking Ideas images with text: Free Printable Spring Photo ChallengeThere are tons of ways to use these checklists on your own, with your kids, or even with your crafting group. Keep reading for more great tips on how you can incorporate this photo challenge with your Spring Scrapbooking Ideas this year. 

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Plus, get some great ideas for celebrating the season creatively with your family and friends. You’re definitely not going to want to miss them! 

Printable Spring Photo Challenge 

I love doing these photo challenge checklists with my crafting group! As moms, it can be challenging to carve out time for creative endeavors without the kids. Sometimes we just need a little scrapbooking inspiration to get us started.

This free printable spring scrapbooking ideas photo challenge is the perfect thing! Here are some of the ideas included in this Spring photo challenge:

  1. Blossoms
  2. Strawberries
  3. Bike Riding
  4. Trees in bloom
  5. Pink
  6. Rain boots
  7. Butterflies
  8. Picnic
  9. Bird’s nest
  10. Planting seeds
  11. Rainbow
  12. Easter egg hunt
  13. Light
  14. Blue skies
  15. Dandelions
  16. Your spring decor
  17. Umbrellas
  18. Family
  19. Baby animals
  20. Gratitude
  21. Jumping in a puddle
  22. Flying a kite
  23. Flower crown
  24. Easter baskets
  25. Purple
  26. Barefoot
  27. Sunrise
  28. New life
  29. Fresh
  30. Growth

Independently, or together with your crafting group, commit to completing all the scrapbooking ideas on this photo challenge checklist.

Take each idea as scrapbooking inspiration and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by everyone’s unique creations.

Each photo challenge on the checklist is an opportunity to showcase your unique ideas and talents.

Every image and layout will be a small glimpse of what makes you and your family unique.  If you choose to do this Spring photo challenge with your crafting group, you’ll get to see how everyone’s is different, yet similar. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate your friendship!

Spring Scrapbooking Ideas

You can use these Spring scrapbooking ideas with your family too. It’s a great way to help you capture the memories you’re working to preserve this Spring.

We all get busy and forget to take pictures regularly, but completing a Spring photo challenge can help you remember to capture even the little moments like umbrellas, rain boots, and butterflies. These little photos are ones you’ll be so glad to have later.

This free scrapbooking inspiration printable will give you lots of fun ideas to share with your kids too. One fun way to complete this photo challenge is by giving your kids a word from the list like “purple” and then having them capture images that are purple.

Next, let them create a fun layout for your scrapbooking page with purple materials. Put it all together for a fun glimpse into your child’s imagination.

It’s a fantastic way to help them build self-confidence as they explore their own creativity. Plus, you’ll be creating a whole new generation of future memory keepers!

Creative Spring Ideas for Family Fun

This year, so many things are different and it’s easy to fall into a routine and forget to enjoy the little things in life. I hope this Spring photo challenge is filled with ideas for ways to enjoy the moments and make memories every day with your family.

Here are some ideas for Springtime fun you can have with your family straight from this Spring photo challenge scrapbooking ideas printable:

  • Strawberries: Have you been strawberry picking? It’s such a fun family activity! Our kids love filling their buckets with berries, but eating fresh juicy strawberries from the farm is even better. Look for a local pick-your-own farm near you to get your own fresh berries and lots of scrapbooking inspiration. 
  • Picnic: I love picnics, don’t you? Pack a picnic lunch and get outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and warmer weather this Spring. Don’t forget your camera. I can’t wait to see your picnic layouts.
  • Planting Seeds: Teaching kids to grow plants from seeds is another wonderful Spring activity they’ll remember for a long time to come. Capture the work of planting seeds and growing a garden this Spring.
  • Family: Spring is a great time to get that family photo you’ve been wanting. Dress up in fun pastels and get some photos with the flowers.
  • Jumping in a Puddle: You definitely want to try this! Family photos while jumping in muddy puddles are lots of fun and filled with giggles.
  • Flying a Kite: When’s the last time you flew a kite? First, squeeze in some STEM learning fun by building your own kite. It’s a great way to get outdoors and enjoy Spring with your whole family. 

Don’t forget to print your own Spring photo challenge checklist to get your own fun scrapbooking ideas to enjoy this year.

Free Printable Spring Photo Challenge

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Spring Photo Challenge images with text: Spring Scrapbooking Ideas Photo Challenge