Spring Preschool Themes

Teaching preschool is something I’m passionate about. This age is filled with wonder and excitement! Using preschool themes to teach important early learning concepts is a fun way to engage preschoolers and get them excited about learning letters, numbers, and more.

Today, I’d like to share with you my favorite Spring Preschool Themes. These early learning themes are filled with activities, printables, and book suggestions you won’t want to miss! Some favorites include Bees & Butterflies, Growing Gardens, and Bugs & Crawly Things.

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Keep reading to explore sensory activities, process art projects, and preschool printables for your preschool classroom or homeschool lessons.

Spring Preschool Themes

Spring is my favorite time of year! There are so many things to explore with preschoolers! Flowers are blooming, baby animals are born, and the bees are buzzing.

It’s the perfect season to explore nature and learn about how things grow with your little learners. Get ready to dive in and explore Spring with some of my favorite preschool themes:

Pond Preschool Theme

Spring is the perfect time to take a trip to the pond with your preschoolers. Take a picnic and make a day of exploring the pond with your preschoolers to begin this fun Spring preschool theme. Then, extend the learning with these awesome pond life activities:

Baby Animals Preschool Theme

We all love baby animals. They’re just so cute! Spring is the perfect time to start learning about baby animals with your preschoolers. Plus, it’s a good way to introduce preschoolers to life cycles and how they work.

Don’t forget to plan a field trip to a local petting zoo or farm to meet all the new baby animals in your area this Spring. I’ve put together lots of fun activities to make this a preschool unit you’ll remember forever:

Bees & Butterflies Preschool Themes

Teaching preschoolers about bees and butterflies can be a lot of fun. It’s the perfect Spring preschool theme for introducing kids to important early science concepts like metamorphosis and pollination.

You can explore these concepts in fun ways in your preschool classroom or homeschool lessons using these activities and printables:

Birds & Eggs Preschool Theme

Every year, my kids discover a bird’s nest in the yard. They still get so excited! I have to admit, spotting the nest and knowing there are eggs inside which will soon become baby birds is pretty exciting.

This Spring preschool theme is all about exploring birds and eggs with your little learners. Before you start, see if you can spot a bird’s nest in the trees outside. Then, keep an eye out for the mama bird and her babies this Spring. Check out these cool birds & eggs themed printables and activities:

Bugs & Crawly Things Preschool Theme 

Do your kids love bugs? I’m not going to lie, I’m not a big fan of creepy crawlies, but my preschoolers are! Get ready to learn more about insects and arachnids with this fun Spring preschool theme that will have you watching where you step and searching the ground for baby bugs everywhere. Check out all my fun activities and projects for this Spring preschool theme:

Earth Day Preschool Theme

Did you know Earth Day is celebrated all over the world? It’s a day for getting outdoors and enjoying nature, learning more about recycling, and celebrating our Earth. You can celebrate Earth Day with your preschoolers this year using some of these awesome activities and printables:

Easter Preschool Theme

Easter is one of my favorite holidays! It’s so fun to celebrate with preschoolers because it’s filled with opportunities for sensory play, crafts, and adventure. In fact, egg dyeing is a great way to encourage creativity and fine motor skills. Check out more great Easter themed printables and activity ideas below:

Growing Gardens Preschool Theme

Spring is all about growing things, so it’s the perfect time to explore growing gardens with your preschoolers. Try sprouting beans, planting flowers or trees, or growing your own vegetable garden this Spring. Then, learn more about growing gardens with these preschool book suggestions, printable pages, and activity ideas:

Space Preschool Theme

Spring is all about new. New plants are growing, new animals are being born, everything feels new. So Spring is the perfect time to explore new horizons with your preschoolers too.

This Spring, check out my favorite outer space-themed lessons and activities with your little learners, and go on a journey that’s out of this world, literally!

St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Theme

St. Patrick’s Day is such a fun holiday to celebrate with preschoolers. You can learn all about rainbows, leprechauns, and Irish heritage and culture with your preschool learners this St. Patrick’s Day.

Try enjoying some special green treats and a traditional Irish meal with your preschoolers. Have fun making Irish soda bread together for a kitchen sensory experience you’ll all remember. Then, explore more early learning concepts with this St. Patrick’s Day preschool theme:

Weather All Around Us Preschool Theme

Spring is a great time to explore Weather with your preschoolers too. Spring showers, rainbows, storms, and more are all around us during this season of change and new beginnings. Why not use this time to teach your preschoolers all about the weather?

Try starting a weather chart for your classroom or homeschool lessons where kids practice observing and recording the weather each day. Then, keep learning and exploring with these fun Preschool weather activities and printables:

What Spring preschool themes are your favorite? Share your favorite Spring preschool themes in the comment section and we might do your theme next!

collage of spring preschool activities with text: Spring Preschool Themes for Little Kids