10+ Spring Preschool Monthly Themes

Check out this post for 10+ Spring Preschool Monthly Themes! You’ll find everything from pond and bird ideas to gardens, weather, and of course Easter too. So many awesome ideas for little kids! You’re not going to want to miss these fun preschool crafts & activities!

collage of preschool activities with text: 10 Spring Preschool ThemesSpring is for sure my absolute most favorite time of the year. Not too hot and not too cold. And let’s face it, who doesn’t love spring cleaning and new beginnings? Today we’re sharing all of our favorite spring preschool monthly themes.

Looking at this list brings back so many wonderful memories of amazing times with the little guy. I mean, these were definitely some of the best themes that we’ve been blessed enough to work through together. I’m so in love with homeschooling and I know that he is too. Neither one of us would trade it for anything.

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I still can’t get over the fact that we’ve done so many fun things over the last few years. I know sometimes from month to month it feels like you’re not doing enough, but I’m here to tell you just keep going, mama. You’ve got this! And you know what? The cumulative effect is going to be something so much more spectacular than you ever could’ve imagined.

Over the last few years, we’ve learned about so many different places and habitats and even people and animals. And yet here we are, and we’re both so excited to start all over again. Who would’ve thought, right? I mean, sure. The second time around will be more about baby girl, but even the little guy is excited to join in. That’s how I know that what we’re doing is really working.

You know what they say about spring flowers, don’t you? What a beautiful way to start a brand new season! If you’re interested in our favorite 10+ spring preschool monthly themes, then definitely keep reading.

Spring Preschool Themes

  • At the Pond – At the pond was a favorite of ours! We did lots of fun process art and of course depending on where you live, visiting a pond and having a picnic makes a great field trip opportunity.
  • Baby Animals – Aww… Seriously, friends! Who doesn’t love baby animals? I for sure do. We learned about how animal mamas carry their babies and how baby animals grow. Oh, and obviously lots of quick & easy crafts that were all kinds of cute!
  • Bees & Butterflies – This was a great theme for learning about life cycles as well as metamorphosis and even pollination. You know, because little kids love learning about big science topics.
  • Blast Off To Space – The process art that we did during our space theme was out of this world. Pun intended. Lol… So many fun ideas using paint and basic supplies. It’s hard not to get excited about glitter and especially if you’re a preschooler.
  • Bugs & Crawly Things – Okay, let’s just get right to it. Little kids love bugs. Every time one of my preschoolers sees an insect on the playground, they yell for us to come check it out! At this age, all crawly things are seriously interesting.
  • Growing Gardens – We learned about planting a garden and what plants need to grow. You know, the little guy still remembers that “plants need dirt, water, and sun from the sky.” Too cute!
  • Weather All Around Us – Weather is one of those really important themes that teaches little kids about the world around them. We learned about weather and seasons, different types of storms, and even pretended to be Meteorologists.
  • Experience God – Let’s be realistic, anytime is a great time to learn about God and the bible. But because a lot of the bible crafts & activities that I’ve shared involve sand and/or water, we prefer to do some of these outside and spring of course means perfect weather to do exactly that.

Of course let’s not forget about the more traditional spring preschool monthly themes!

  • Spring – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, spring is my favorite time of the year. I love how nature is changing everything around us. Baby animals are being born and flowers are blooming. Everything feels exciting and new at this time of the year and usually spring means the opportunity to spend a lot more time outside after being stuck in the house for most of the winter. I mean, don’t get me wrong. We’ve gone out to play in the snow and all of that fun stuff, but we for sure spend more time outdoors when it’s warm.
  • Easter – We have seriously done so many awesome things for Easter. You name it, we’ve done it. Coloring pages, sensory activities, painting Easter eggs. The list could go on forever. You’re definitely going to want to take a look at our Easter counting activity too.

Are you a homeschool mom who has some favorites as far as preschool monthly themes? Leave a comment and share.

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Don’t forget to stop by next week if you’re interested in seeing what we’re up to with preschool homeschool!

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