Space Ice Painting for Kids

Do your kids love learning about outer space? We recently did a fun space preschool theme complete with planets, stars, astronauts, and this fun process art activity. Ready to get creative with a space painting for kids activity that your little learners are sure to love? Keep reading to learn more!

collage of space ice painting for kids with text: Outer Space Ice Painting Process ArtI love process art because it focuses on letting kids explore different mediums and techniques in an engaging hands-on experiment that’s not about the finished product. This Space Ice Painting for Kids activity focuses on the journey, so it’s perfect for getting creative while learning about outer space with kids. 

space-shaped colored ice cubes on tray
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child painting with space-shaped colored ice on white cardstock
Benefits of Painting for Kids

Kids are often fascinated by painting. As kids grow, they become interested in expressing their own ideas. We can encourage our little learners to express themselves creatively through painting activities at home and in the classroom.

red rocket ship shaped ice cube on white cardstock
Giving your kids big pieces of paper with as few restrictions as possible is a great way to encourage creativity and exploration. That’s part of why I love process art projects so much.

Process art focuses on exploring different mediums and techniques, rather than the finished product. Kids can interpret things in their own way and explore different methods.

child painting with colored planet ice cubes
Color mixing is another fun activity for little learners to explore while painting in this space ice painting activity. As kids move colorful frozen space ice around the paper, they’ll discover what happens when red mixes with yellow. It’s a magical experience that teaches important lessons about colors.

child painting with colored space ice cubes
Don’t be afraid to let kids move around while they paint with these space ice cubes. There’s lots to discover while moving ice around a large canvas on the floor or spread across the table. Ready to try it for yourself? Here’s how:

colored planet and rocket ship  ice cubes on white cardstock
Space Ice Painting for Kids


  • Space-themed Silicone Molds
  • Water
  • Food Coloring
  • White Cardstock
  • Plastic Trays

child painting with colored space-shaped ice cubes

  • Fill each section of your space-themed silicone mold with water and add a drop or two of food coloring.   
  • Place the silicone molds in the freezer until completely frozen.
  • Give each child a sheet of white cardstock, and a few pieces of the space-themed ice. 
  • Encourage children to paint on the white cardstock using the colored ice. 

child making space ice painting process art with colored space-shaped ice cubes
More Outer Space Painting Activities

Having fun exploring outer space through painting? Check out these other exciting process art projects for this fun space theme:

child's space ice painting for kids process art on tray

  • This Paper Plate Earth Collage is a great way to practice important fine motor skills with your little learners! 
  • Make galaxy process art that sparkles with this Galaxy Painting for Kids process art activity. 
  • Little kids love learning about other planets and this Mars Process Art is perfect for introducing the solar system. 
  • This Venus Process Art is so quick and easy. You’re definitely not going to want to miss it! 
  • Check out this idea to make glittery space art! This Galaxy Glitter Space Art is sure to be a huge hit with your preschoolers. 

space ice painting for kids art
Books Are Out of This World

Try using these fun painting activities along with some of our favorite space-themed read alouds for preschool lessons your little learners will definitely love! Here are a few of our favorites to get you started:

colored space-shapes ice cubes melting on white cardstock

colored space-shaped ice cubes melting on white cardstock to create watercolor effect
Are you planning a space-themed preschool unit for this year? Share your favorite outer space activities for little learners in the comments. I can’t wait to read them!

Don’t forget to tell us all about how you’re incorporating painting and process art in your homeschool lessons too.

collage of space ice painting for kids with text: Rocket Ship Ice Painting Process Art

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