Free Printable How to Plant a Seed Spring Sequencing Worksheets

Practice sequencing and order of events with your preschoolers and kindergartners using these Free Printable How to Plant a Seed Spring Sequencing Worksheets. Don’t forget to grab your no-prep printable sequencing worksheets today!

Seed Spring Sequencing Worksheets with text: Spring Preschool Theme Free Printable Spring SequencingSpring is the perfect season to explore gardening with your little learners. Explore the magic of growing things, learn about the life cycle of plants, and teach valuable lessons with spring gardening. My printable “How to Plant a Garden” spring sequencing worksheets can help you to get started.

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These worksheets will encourage your children by breaking the process down into simple, easy-to-understand, steps they can follow to grow plants this spring. Then, work together to start growing things and learn about how plants grow. Along the way, preschoolers will begin to understand the importance of following steps in a sequence, putting things in order, and using chronological words. 

My spring sequencing worksheets make it fun for little learners to practice critical fine motor skills as well. Plus, they’re so easy to add to any lesson without lots of effort spent on preparation by teachers and parents. Keep reading to discover more garden fun for your whole family this season!

“How to Plant a Garden” Spring Sequencing Worksheets

Learning to sequence instructions and put events in chronological order is an important skill for kids to master. Fortunately, there are all kinds of fun ways to practice sequencing with your little learners this Spring. I like to practice sequencing during story time, with multi-step tasks, and interactive spring sequencing worksheets. 

Check out my latest “How to Plant a Garden” worksheets for extra sequencing practice with your preschool and kindergarten kiddos. These worksheets give kids the chance to practice cutting, pasting, and developing critical fine motor skills as they put the steps in order. Work together with your kids or let them work in groups for early success. 

One worksheet features numbered squares so kids can practice putting tasks in chronological order. Another worksheet has ordinal words to help little learners explore using vocabulary like “first” and “next” as they practice sequencing. Parents and teachers can print these “How to Plant a Garden” Spring sequencing worksheets in full color or black and white to encourage creativity and extra fine motor practice for kids.

The Benefits of Sequencing for Little Learners

My spring sequencing worksheets have tons of great benefits for little learners! Use this fun printable worksheet activity to enhance your child’s critical thinking skills. As they put steps in order, they’ll learn to think about what comes next and develop an understanding of cause and effect. Then, watch as they begin planning their own spring garden!

These “How to Plant a Garden” sequencing worksheets are a great way to talk about what would happen if we didn’t follow the steps in order too. Ask questions like “What if we watered the ground before we dug the holes for our seeds?” These discussions will help our little learners understand the importance of following steps in order.

Working together to plant a garden is a fun outdoor activity that helps our kids learn real-world skills, begin to understand life cycles, develop a deeper understanding of nature, and a strong work ethic. Growing things in a garden is also an excellent way to help kids learn how to work toward a goal and experience the satisfaction and pride that comes from achieving those goals.

Garden Storytime Ideas

Narrating or telling a story is another excellent way to practice sequencing. Children need to learn how to tell a story from beginning to end, in order. Read these beautiful gardening picture books aloud with your little learners and ask them to recount what happened in each story for more practice. 

More Hands-On Garden Activities and Printables

Learning about how to plant a garden and exploring how plants grow can be very exciting for children and adults! Check out more fun garden activities and printables to add to your spring lesson plans below.

Planting Flowers Sensory Bin

Sensory bins are an excellent way for little learners to strengthen their brain-body connection and develop strong fine motor skills. Children can explore nature with all their senses using this fun Planting Flowers Sensory Activity for Preschoolers. Along the way, they’ll get to practice planting a garden too!

Nature Journaling for Kids

Nature journaling helps inspire children to think creatively, express themselves and their ideas, and learn more about the natural world around them. Scientists, naturalists, and even artists use nature journals to gather information about their location and the things they observe in nature. 

Nature journals can be about just one topic or encompass lots of different interests. Learn more about how you can practice nature journaling with kids at home or in a preschool setting using my Nature Journaling for Kids series.

Spring Flower Counting Activities

Sequencing is a useful skill for applying to language arts, mathematics, and so many other endeavors in life. Planting a flower garden is certainly a fun and helpful way to practice completing tasks in sequential order. Flowers can be an excellent way to practice counting with little learners too.

Explore counting flowers together with my printable Spring Flower Counting Activities. These printables contain opportunities for kids to practice counting, one-to-one correspondence, number identification, writing numbers, and more! Plus, they make a really cute seasonal activity for your classroom math center.

How will you explore planting a garden with your little learners this spring? Grab my “How to Plant a Garden” Spring Sequencing Worksheets to help you get started practicing sequencing and learning about gardening with your kids this season.

Seed Spring Sequencing Worksheets

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Free Printable Seed Spring Sequencing Worksheets with text: Spring Preschool Theme Free Printable Spring Sequencing

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