Free Printable Sea Turtle Life Cycle Worksheets

These Free Printable Sea Turtle Life Cycle Worksheets are sure to make a splash in your homeschool this Summer! Explore nature, life cycles, and sequencing with your preschoolers and kindergartners in an engaging and hands-on way!

collage of Sea Turtle Life Cycle Worksheets with text: Life Cycle Activities Free Printable Sea TurtleTeach your little learners all about the life cycle of these amazing sea creatures with no-prep printable Sea Turtle Life Cycle Worksheets. Practice important early learning skills while exploring life science with preschoolers and kindergartners this Summer.

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If you’ve been following along, then you know that we just wrapped up our ocean preschool theme not too long ago. The little guy and baby girl had a blast with all of the fun ocean-themed crafts and activities including these sea turtle life cycle printables. You’re definitely not going to want to miss them!

Use these life cycle printables for kids as part of an engaging and hands-on ocean thematic study. Little kids love science and life cycles are obviously no exception!

Preschoolers and kindergartners can study science and nature, the ocean, and marine biology while engaging their senses and practicing creative thinking, problem-solving, and even fine motor skills.

What are the Stages of a Sea Turtle’s Life Cycle

What is a sea turtle’s life cycle? Your inquisitive little learners will have a wonderful time answering this question while cutting and pasting, coloring, and more with these free PDF life cycle of a sea turtle worksheets.

  • Eggs – Sea turtles lay their eggs in a nest they dig on the beach. After about two months, the eggs hatch.
  • Hatchling – When the baby sea turtles hatch, they dig their way out of the nest and head toward the ocean.
  • Juvenile – Juvenile sea turtles may spend years in the ocean before returning to the coast to mature.
  • Adult – When sea turtles mature, they migrate hundreds or thousands of miles to breeding areas where they mate.

Looking for even more ocean printables and activities for your preschoolers and kindergartners this summer? Keep reading for more ocean-themed learning activities!

Ocean Preschool Theme

If you’d like to put together an entire ocean thematic study, then look no further. Here are a few of our favorite ocean printables and activities from The Keeper of the Memories.

Don’t forget to grab some great sea turtle picture books for little kids. If you’ve been around for a while, then you know we spend lots of time reading together as a family because it’s so important for your little learners’ development.

Free Printable Sea Turtle Life Cycle Worksheets

There are ten worksheets included in this pack. You’ll receive Life Cycle Sequencing, Life Cycle Matching, and Life Cycle Cut & Paste. Each of those worksheets has an answer key. There are also sea turtle tracing worksheets included as well.

I created these Sea Turtle Life Cycle Printable Worksheets to go along with our kindergarten science. This set includes:

  • 1 color poster that can be printed to use in your science center
  • 3 printable worksheets (matching, sequencing, cut & paste) with answer keys
  • 6 pages of printables to create a life cycle book for each student

We used these activities as part of a week-long unit study.

Keep in mind that all preschoolers do things in their own time and on their own terms. What one is ready for, another might not be. Please use your best mama judgement when planning activities for your little kids.

I hope you enjoy using these free printable life cycle worksheets with your little kids as much as I enjoyed creating them with mine.

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Don’t forget to stop by next week if you’re interested in seeing what we’re up to with our Habitats & Homes theme!

collage of Sea Turtle Life Cycle Worksheets with text: Life Cycle Activities Free Printable Sea Turtle