Scrapbooking Ideas Challenge

If you’re looking for an awesome Scrapbooking Ideas Challenge, then you’re definitely in the right place. I wrote a post a while back full of ideas & hacks and everyone of course loved it, so today I’m sharing even more creative inspiration!

Regardless of whether you scrapbook or make mixed media art or even bible journal, you can totally play along. This scrapbooking ideas challenge will get you inspired to make stuff instead of just organizing it.

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I seriously love getting messy and being creative, but you know what? With a job and two kids, sometimes I don’t get to make things as often as I’d like. Well, at least not my own stuff. Lol… #momlife

The irony, right?

And of course, when you finally do get a few minutes to yourself, you’re not really sure what to do. You have so many things on your creative to-do list, but you’re just not quite sure where to start. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed.

Scrapbooking Ideaa ChallengeThat’s where this challenge comes in. These prompts are meant to give you a starting point. Grab a stack of photos, pick a challenge, and get started. It’s as easy as that! Not only will you be getting those pictures into albums, but you’ll also be using your stash. And that’s seriously a win-win, friends!

25+ Awesome Scrapbooking Ideas Challenge Prompts To Get You Making Stuff Instead of Just Organizing It


We all have at least one set of alphas that we absolutely can’t stand. Dig them out and give them a facelift with paint.


Get artsy with ink, stamps, and even paint to create your own awesome background instead of buying more patterned paper.

Scrapbooking Ideas Challenge 2CHALLENGE 03 | USE A QUOTE ON YOUR LAYOUT

Use a quote on your page or project. It could be something funny or even something heartfelt. It’s totally up to you.

Scrapbooking Ideas Challenge 3CHALLENGE 04 | HAND STITCH ON A PAGE OR PROJECT

Get out the old needle and thread and give hand stitching a go. It’s a great way to add some texture to your pages and projects.

Scrapbooking Ideas Challenge 4CHALLENGE 05 | SCRAPBOOK ABOUT YOURSELF

As creative mamas, we’re almost always the ones behind the camera. Find a picture of yourself and document a little about you.

Scrapbooking Ideas Challenge 5CHALLENGE 06 | MAKE A LAYOUT WITH LOTS OF PHOTOS

Make a page or project with as many photos as possible. Be creative and think of unique ways to include more than just one or two.

Scrapbooking Ideas Challenge 6CHALLENGE 07 | SCRAPBOOK ON A 12X12 CANVAS

Make a fun piece of artwork for your creative space. Start with a 12×12 canvas instead of just a piece of cardstock.

Scrapbooking Ideas Challenge 7CHALLENGE 08 | ADD A POCKET FOR EPHEMERA

Make a pocket on your page or project and add your ephemera. It’s quick & easy and keeps everything together in one place.


Use paper or chipboard to create awesome embellishments for your page or project so they’ll coordinate perfectly with your layout.

Scrapbooking Ideas Challenge 9CHALLENGE 10 | CREATE A PAGE WITHOUT PHOTOS

Make a page that’s just journaling and share something important. What story in your life deserves a page of it’s own?

Scrapbooking Ideas Challenge 10CHALLENGE 11 | USE YOUR CHILD’S ARTWORK

Have your little kids made something really fun lately? Find a way to incorporate your child’s artwork into your page or project.

Scrapbooking Ideas Challenge 11CHALLENGE 12 | MAKE IT MONOCHROMATIC

Pick one color and stick with it. Yep, you heard that right! Which color will you choose for your monochromatic page or project?

Scrapbooking Ideas Challenge 12CHALLENGE 13 | SCRAPBOOK FROM A PAGE SKETCH

Are you looking for some inspiration? Find a fun page sketch and use it to create a layout with your own unique twist.

Scrapbooking Ideas Challenge 13CHALLENGE 14 | DOCUMENT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT

What have you or someone in your family accomplished recently? Create a page or project celebrating that accomplishment.

Scrapbooking Ideas Challenge 14CHALLENGE 15 | GET REAL ON YOUR LAYOUT

Real-life definitely isn’t perfect, so take a few minutes and make a page or project featuring the messy parts of everyday life.

Scrapbooking Ideas Challenge 15CHALLENGE 16 | CREATE A BUCKET LIST

What’s on your bucket list? Create a layout sharing exactly that. Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? Document it.

Scrapbooking Ideas Challenge 16CHALLENGE 17 | USE BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOS

There’s just something about black and white pictures. And of course it’s a great way to highlight a very special photo on your layout.

Scrapbooking Ideas Challenge 17CHALLENGE 18 | SCRAPBOOK THE EVERYDAY

What do your days look like? Do you have a schedule or a routine? Make a page or project focusing on your day-to-day life.

Scrapbooking Ideas Challenge 18CHALLENGE 19 | GET MESSY WITH MIXED MEDIA

You can for sure incorporate mixed media into your layouts. Try it out! Have lots of fun making a mess on your page or project.

Scrapbooking Ideas Challenge 19CHALLENGE 20 | SCRAPBOOK YOUR GOALS

What are your goals? Take some time to document it. Put together a page or project focused on what you’re hoping to achieve.

Scrapbooking Ideas Challenge 20CHALLENGE 21 | USE WASHI TAPE AS A BACKGROUND

Who needs patterned paper when you’ve got hundreds of rolls of washi tape? Use it to create your own background for your layout.

Scrapbooking Ideas Challenge 21CHALLENGE 22 | MAKE A LIST

Make a list and add it to your page or project. This is a great idea for getting your favorite things documented on your layout.

Scrapbooking Ideas Challenge 22Challenge 23 | WHAT CREATIVITY MEANS TO YOU

Make a layout focused on what it means to be creative. Share your thoughts and feelings on creativity. Why do you scrapbook?

Scrapbooking Ideas Challenge 23CHALLENGE 24 | USE YOUR FAVORITE SUPPLIES

Whatever it is that you’ve been hoarding, now’s the time to use it. Get your favorite supplies in your albums where they belong.

Scrapbooking Ideas Challenge 24CHALLENGE 25 | LOTS OF LAYERS

Use patterned paper or even get creative with some other ideas for putting together a page or project with lots of layers.

Scrapbooking Ideas Challenge 25

I hope that you enjoy playing along with this scrapbooking ideas challenge as much as I enjoyed creating it!

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