30+ Rainbow Toddler Activities

Over 30 rainbow themed activities perfect for learning and exploring rainbows through sensory play, STEAM activities, and process art. This post is the perfect resource for your next Exploring Weather theme! 

Rainbows are such a magical weather phenomenon! I still feel a sense of awe and wonder when I see one in the sky. I was seriously ecstatic to check out all of these wonderful Rainbow Toddler Activities

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Seeing the amazement reflected in the eyes of my children as they marvel over a rainbow is even more amazing! Rainbows are a great way to teach your children about weather and God’s promises. Plus, rainbows are bright, colorful, and fun!

I’ve put together more than 30 rainbow toddler activities that are perfect for learning through play. Keep scrolling to get in on the fun!

Rainbow Activities for Toddlers

Do you know why we see rainbows? That’s what I asked my kids last week. One of them suggested clouds were the answer and that’s not far off! It has to do with light reflecting off the moisture in the air, making it possible to see the colors that our eyes normally can’t separate.

Pretty amazing, right? You can teach your toddlers all about colors with some of these excellent fine motor activities.

Fine Motor Rainbow Toddler ActivitiesRainbow Fine Motor Activities

Fine motor tasks are great for helping little ones to build hand-eye coordination and finger muscles they’ll need in preschool and kindergarten. Tasks like the sorting and matching activities below are fun and educational for toddlers. 

Quick & Easy Rainbow Art for ToddlersRainbow Art for Toddlers

Art is another great way to learn and explore with children of all ages, especially toddlers. You can explore rainbows with your little ones using some of these fun art projects. 

For more rainbow-themed art for little ones, check out my Rainbow Sculpture Invitation to Create Process Art Experience. It’s a hands-on way to explore rainbows with kiddos. When you’re done with art, check out some of these fun ways to add rainbows to your language arts learning time.

Rainbow Language & Literacy Activities

I really love the Rainbow Bag Writing tray activity, because it’s also a sensory activity. Sensory play is great for building language development, motor skills, critical thinking skills, and social interaction.

Rainbow Sensory Activities for ToddlersRainbow Sensory Activities

To explore more great sensory activities with your toddler, check out these fun rainbow sensory play activities.

Like sensory play, STEAM activities help teach children problem-solving skills and encourage communication. To get in on STEAM learning fun with your toddler, check out these fun rainbow STEAM play activities that your little one is sure to love.

Rainbow STEAM Activities for ToddlersRainbow STEAM Activities for Toddlers

Leave a comment and share your favorite rainbow toddler activity. I can’t wait to hear all about it! 

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