Free Printable Rainbow Coloring Pages

Rainbow themed printable PDF coloring pages for toddlers, preschool learners, and kindergartners are a fun and versatile addition to lessons about weather. Your little kids will love these free printable Rainbow Coloring Pages! Get your spring coloring pages today and have a wonderful time with exploring weather for kids

Free Printable Rainbow Coloring Pages with text: Preschool Spring Free Printable Rainbow Coloring PagesAre your kids in love with rainbows? Rainbows are colorful and fascinating! Baby girl is a giant rainbow fan. According to her, rainbows go with everything. So, here are some rainbow coloring pages for kids of all ages to enjoy!

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These free printable rainbow coloring pages allow kids to explore color while creating their very own rainbows. Here are some great ideas for using printable rainbow coloring pages.

Explore Color with Toddlers

Cute and simple rainbow coloring pages give you the opportunity to explore color with your little ones in a fun, easy way.

Creating art together gives toddlers an opportunity to interact with the world around them and begin developing tools for self-expression as well as early communication skills.  

For a mess-free way to enjoy these cute rainbow coloring pages, place the worksheet & some paint inside a sealed plastic storage bag. Then, let toddlers use their fingers to explore the colors without the mess. Added bonus: you won’t have to worry about curious toddlers tasting the paint.

Teaching Noah’s Ark

Another opportunity for incorporating a fun rainbow coloring printable, would be to use it in a lesson about Noah’s ark! In the popular Bible story, God sends a rainbow as a reminder of his love for his people and his promise to never again flood the earth. 

Completing a rainbow coloring page with preschool learners is a great way to reinforce the lesson. Studies show that children retain more information when they are engaged in learning in a fun way. Adding these worksheets to your Noah’s Ark lesson is a great way to help them remember God’s promise.

Weather Phenomena with Kindergartners

For older children, rainbow printable worksheets are an easy way to begin a science lesson about rainbows.

Start by printing the worksheets and explaining to children which colors we see when we look at a rainbow.

ROY G BIV is a great pneumonic device for remembering the colors of the rainbow. 

Rainbow Template to Color

Then, let kindergartners color their rainbows appropriately while you explain how weather causes rainbows to happen. You’ll be surprised by how much they retain! 

Keep scrolling to get your own free PDF of these versatile rainbow coloring pages and get started learning all about rainbows.

As always, don’t forget to share your adventures with rainbows in the comment section.

Free Printable Rainbow Coloring Pages

There are 3 coloring pages included.

   Easy Rainbow Coloring Pages Simple Rainbow Coloring Pages
Give your little kids some spring-themed activities that will develop their fine motor skills with these awesome spring coloring pages. As an added bonus, one of the pages includes a bit of rainbow tracing practice as well!  

Cute Rainbow Coloring Pages
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Free Printable Rainbow Coloring Pages with text: Preschool Spring Free Printable Rainbow Coloring Pages