Quick & Easy Sensory Bin Ideas For Every Color Of The Rainbow

collage of rainbow sensory bins and tools for sensory activities with text overlay: A Rainbow of Quick & Easy Sensory Bin IdeasI’m so excited to share this post with you today. I’ve been brainstorming quick & easy sensory bin ideas for every color of the rainbow. In the process, I’ve created a unique collection of sensory bins for us to have on hand.

stack of rainbow sensory bins made from plastic storage containers with lids
Don’t these looks amazing? I’m seriously head over heels in love with them. I grabbed these snap-top cases at Walmart and each one contains a sensory material and a Safari LTD Toob.

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Keep in mind that both the sensory materials we used as well as the figurines in each of the Safari LTD Toobs are kind of small and are recommended for ages 3+.

I keep our sensory bins out of the little guy’s reach, so of course, we sit down together and play with them. As always, everything we do is 100% supervised.

If you have a toddler who still puts things in his or her mouth, you might want to look for some larger sensory materials and figurines for your sensory bins.

Keep reading to find out what’s in our quick and easy rainbow sensory bins!

Red – Colored Sand + Safari Ltd Rainforest TOOB* – I found this awesome colored sand at Michael’s. It’s was approximately $2.99/container and we used two containers for our sensory bin. I’d love to grab a few more containers eventually as well.

dyed orange rice on clear tray
Orange – Dyed Rice + Safari Ltd Coral Reef TOOB* – This awesome tutorial for Rainbow Rice from Happy Hooligans was the inspiration for this particular sensory bin. I love how vibrant it is and it was so simple to make.

Yellow – Popcorn + Safari Ltd Down On The Farm TOOB* – Yep, you guessed it. I bought popcorn at the grocery store and that’s what I used for our sensory bin. It’s actually been a favorite around here for weeks now. The little guy has definitely had a blast with it.

Green – Artificial Grass + Safari Ltd Wild TOOB* – Artificial grass (or Easter basket filler) is really easy to find at this time of the year. There are lots of different colors to choose from as well. I found pink and yellow and of course green, which is what we used for this sensory bin.

Blue – Small stones + Safari Ltd Ocean TOOB* – I’m sure you could find small blue stones just about anywhere. I wanted a variety of textures for our sensory bins and this was definitely something that was new to us.

preschooler holding small strainer while exploring sensory bin with purple crinkled paper and bug manipulatives
Purple – Crinkled Paper + Safari Ltd Insects TOOB* – It was an accident that I stumbled across this. I actually originally found it at Dollar Tree, but ended up buying it at Walmart. It comes in quite a few different colors, so it would work with just about any theme.

Natural – Play Sand + Safari Ltd Desert TOOB* – I grabbed a few packs of natural play sand from Michael’s for this sensory bin. It was only a few dollars a bag and I used approximately two bags.

Like I said, I’m absolutely head over heels in love with these. They’re making life so much easier when it comes to creating sensory bins for the little guy because all the hard work is already done.

We literally just grab one of these snap-top containers and dump it into our Edushape Translucent Activity Tub*.

I add the contents of the Safari LTD Toob as well as a few of our favorite sensory tools. It’s literally as simple as that.

When we started preschool homeschool, I was definitely stressing the whole trying to keep everything organized thing, but this system makes our lives so much easier. There are a variety of sensory materials as well as a Toob for any theme you could possibly imagine and a few of our favorite sensory tools ready to go whenever the mood strikes.

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collage of rainbow sensory bins and tools with text overlay: 7 Sensory Bins for Little Kids Animal Habitats


  1. Thanks so much, Emily! I love our sensory bins! And especially how easy it is to rotate them. Thanks for visiting and have an awesome week!

  2. Hi Leslie! We got those particular containers at Walmart. Hope that helps! Thanks so much for visiting and have an awesome weekend!

  3. Love this! I need to be more organized with 2 under 2. How big are your snap top containers?

  4. Hi Jen! The snap-top containers are approximately 14 inches long x 11 inches wide x 3 inches deep. Hope that helps! Thanks so much for visiting! Have an awesome week!

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