Quick & Easy Salt Painting Idea for Preschoolers

Every now and again, the little guy and I stumble across an activity that’s a blast – both literally and figuratively. This Quick & Easy Salt Painting Idea for Preschoolers is that and then some. 

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preschooler using watercolors for salt painting
We learned all about reactions, which meant the little guy got the opportunity to experience some really cool stuff.

preschooler dipping paintbrush into watercolor paint
We got creative with salt and watercolors and had lots of fun exploring the reaction between the two. 

preschooler's watercolor art
Quick & Easy Salt Painting Idea for Preschoolers

What you’ll need

  • Paper
  • Glass of Water
  • Bowl of Salt
  • Watercolors

Here’s how to do it

I gave the little guy a tray with a piece of white paper, a glass of water, a bowl of salt, and some watercolors. I encouraged him to dip his paintbrush in the water, swirl it around in the paint, and then sprinkle the salt over his design.

preschool dipping paintbrush in paint
Let me just tell you that when the salt and watercolor combine, it creates quite a dramatic effect. 

preschooler dipping paintbrush in watercolor paint
All the sparkling colors will have your little kids in awe. I know mine definitely was. 

preschooler's salt painting art with watercolors
The watercolor and salt are so beautiful when they mix together.

watercolor paints next to preschooler's salt painting art
It’s almost magical and I loved watching his expressions as he created a work of art using science.

preschooler creating salt painting art
Obviously a two or three year old isn’t really going to understand the idea of a chemical reaction, but that doesn’t take away from the wonder of it all. 

preschool using watercolors to make salt painting art
Everything else aside, this activity makes for an amazing sensory experience for little kids. You’re definitely going to want to try it out. 

preschool salt painting art
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