Project Life Workspace

Organize your Project Life Workspace with these quick & easy ideas using supplies that you probably already have around the house!

With the addition of two new Project Life core kits for Christmas – clementine and turquoise, some reorganizing was, unfortunately, in order. Here’s how I organized my Project Life Workspace

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Here’s the updated version.

metal tray full of Project Life supplies
Project Life supplies sorted in clear organizers inside of a metal tray
craft space with embellishment shelf, metal tray of Project Life supplies, and open scrapbook album

The first picture is the little tray sitting on my main workspace. The second picture is a semi-aerial view. The third picture, of course, is my entire Project Life workspace.

This was all just a happy accident. I was out shopping and stumbled across the tray and the two acrylic organizers, grabbed the aluminum cake pans at another store, and realized they fit perfectly in the tray – couldn’t have worked out any better!

In the back of the tray are the month dividers and label stickers. The acrylic organizers hold my three core kits and some other embellishments. The aluminum cake pans hold some miscellaneous odd ‘n ends.

Love it! Love it! Love it!

Now, if only the Seafoam core kit would get released, so I can fill the last slot, life would be perfect.

Happy Friday!

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  1. What a fun accident! Love that tray. Looks like you are all ready for the new year to roll around. 🙂

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