Preschool Safari Crafts

Are you ready to go on a safari? Join us on a fun adventure as we make lots of quick & easy preschool safari crafts. There’s something really exciting about a safari! 

collage of safari crafts with text: Quick & Easy Safari Craft for Little KidsA chance to explore a wild African habitat, exciting animals at every turn, fun safari gear to use:  cool hats, boots, and binoculars. Speaking of binoculars, how about making your own? 

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You probably already have most of the materials needed to make a really wild set of binoculars click the link to find out how you can get some binoculars that would make an excellent addition to a safari-themed preschool story-time and lessons or safari themed VBS lessons.

Get Ready for safari with your own binoculars.

preschooler looking through safari binoculars made from cardboard tubes and washi tape
DIY Preschool Safari Crafts Binoculars

Process Art teaches abstract concepts in a fun way.

Sometimes it can be challenging to teach more abstract ideas to preschoolers. They’re definitely more focused on literal and present ideas. That being said, even littles can still develop an understanding of topics like migration if you teach it in a fun and creative way.

Process art projects can be just the thing to get the job done because these types of art projects focus on the process of creation rather than the finished product. It gives kids a chance to get really creative while learning!

Check out the preschool safari migration process art activity below to see how you can use art to teach your littles in a fun and engaging way.

Life in the Grasslands

African necklace craft using paper plate and dot painting
Preschool Safari Crafts Beads Activities

preschooler holding up collage art made from cardstock and colored squares
Preschool Safari Activities Migration Invitation to Create Process Art Experience

The best part of going on a safari is seeing all the exciting animals!

Safari Animal Crafts

My son says the lions are his favorite. Who doesn’t love the king of the animals? If you’ve got a preschooler who loves lions or a fun lion-themed lesson coming up, you’ll definitely want to check out my fun paper plate lion craft. For more fun, check out my paper bag lion puppet!

Paper bag lions and paper plate lions can be used to bring fun stories to life like Aesop’s The Lion and The Mouse. Using a puppet, is a great way to encourage participation and even practice narration with shy learners too.

preschooler playing pretend with lion puppet
Make A Paper Bag Puppet Lion Craft for Crafts

preschooler holding up paper plate lion craft
Paper Plate Lion Preschool Safari Craft

For more fun themed lessons for preschoolers to use in your classroom, homeschool lessons, Sunday school or VBS, you’ll definitely want to check out our other themed pages and crafts.

Don’t forget to share your safari themed lesson stories in the comments. I love reading about how you’re using these fun crafts and lessons with your kids.

collage of safari crafts with text: Quick & Easy Safari Craft for Kids