Patriotic Process Art

This patriotic process art activity is perfect for exploring color mixing, the American flag, and building hand-eye coordination with preschoolers. You’re definitely going to want to check it out!

collage of patriotic process art images with text overlay: Patriotic Process ArtIndependence Day is an exciting holiday where we celebrate America and our liberties. On July 4, 1776, America celebrated independence for the very first time and this Patriotic Process Art is a great way to introduce this important part of American History to your little kids.

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Exploring new ideas and topics through art is one of my favorite ways to learn. I can’t wait to share with you this latest fun process art activity with a colorful 4th of July theme.

This patriotic holiday is the perfect time to teach your preschooler about freedom, the Declaration of Independence, and the American flag.

red and blue paint on white cardstock
Process art projects provide an excellent learning opportunity for young children. In this type of art activity, it’s not about the finished product. Instead, it’s all about exploring and creating!

small ball being rolled around in cake pan with red and blue paint
This fun ball process art uses a ball with red and blue paint to create a unique abstract piece that’s perfect for celebrating Independence Day, Memorial Day, or even Flag Day.

Besides, it’s a lot of fun to explore the different color combinations, patterns, and textures you can create with this fun patriotic activity!

small ball being used to make patriotic process art
Check out these other fun Independence Day learning activities to enjoy with your little one.

Learn the Pledge of Allegiance

As you prepare for celebrating America’s birthday, consider teaching your child to say the pledge of allegiance. Is there anything more adorably patriotic than watching a young child recite the pledge?

patriotic process art made from ball painting using red and blue paint
My little boy especially enjoyed learning to salute like a real soldier and put his hand on his heart during the pledge.

It’s also a great time to talk about why we believe in freedom and celebrate our liberties. After all, it’s so important to teach our children about the history of America and her quest for liberty and equality.

small ball in cake pan with red and blue paint
After working on this activity together, the little guy and I are both so excited to learn more about American History next year. We’ve picked out lots of awesome resources and it’s for sure going to be a wonderful homeschool year filled with all kinds of patriotic adventures!

Since process art is a different experience each time, this is the perfect art activity to do with your children again and again. You can create red, white, and blue ball paintings for a variety of patriotic holidays like Memorial Day in May, Flag Day in June, Independence Day in July, and Veterans Day in November.

patriotic process art using small ball and paint
Learn about the American flag

The beautiful American flag is a symbol of our freedom. The red, white, and blue stars and stripes are everywhere on July 4th! In our family, it’s tradition to dress up in patriotic colors and take a family photo together.

small ball being rolled around in cake pan with paint to make patriotic process art
During this process art experiment, your preschoolers can explore the famous red white and blue colors as they complete their own patriotic ball painting activity.

To learn more about the American flag, snuggle up with your little ones and this fun picture book: Betsy Rossby Alexandra Wallner. Then, you can learn about the creation of the very first flag together.

Build critical thinking skills by comparing and contrasting Betsy Ross’s process with your own art process.

Patriotic Process Art

What you’ll need

  • small ball
  • paint
  • tray or box
  • white cardstock

Patriotic Process Art created by putting cardstock and paint in a cake pan with small ball
Here’s how to do it

  • Put white cardstock inside of the tray or box.
  • Squirt small amounts of each paint color on to the white cardstock.
  • Place the small ball into the tray or box.
  • Encourage your child to move the tray or box in different directions.

As you’re moving the tray or box, the small ball will of course roll around and make all kinds of different designs in the process.

This is such a quick & easy activity that little kids are sure to love. There are so many fun ways to experiment with color and design. You could even try adding different types of balls. We’ve done this with marbles and with pokey balls too. The possibilities are definitely endless.

More Ball Painting Fun

If you really enjoyed this ball painting activity, check out these other fun process art activities.

I can’t wait to read all about your ball painting process art memories! Don’t forget to share your experience in the comments. How do you celebrate Independence Day with your little ones? Share your 4th of July traditions too!

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collage of patriotic process art images with text overlay: Red, White & Blue Process Art for Preschoolers

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