Painting for Kids

These Painting for Kids ideas are a wonderful way to inspire creativity and encourage fine motor skills! Your kids will love exploring lots of different materials and mediums while practicing creative thinking, problem-solving, and even fine motor skills!

Whether your kiddos are all about acrylics or wild about watercolors, you’ll find lots of simple activity ideas that are perfect for kids of all ages, so grab your art supplies and let’s get started!

Keep reading for quick and easy painting project ideas that your kids are sure to love!

collage of painting for kids ideas with text: 50+ Awesome Painting Ideas for Little KidsKids of all ages love to paint! There are lots of different materials and mediums to explore while painting with kids. I’ve put together a list of different process art projects you can use at home or in the classroom to explore painting techniques with your little learners.

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Process art projects are a fantastic method for exploring paint because it’s all about the creative process, not the finished product and these easy painting ideas are a perfect example of that!

That means kids are free to get creative without needing to produce a certain end result. Ready to explore painting for kids with your little learners?

If you’re new to painting for kids, getting started is quick and easy. All you need is a paintbrush, paint, and paper.

We use different types of paint depending on what we’re working on. We’ve used watercolor, tempera, and even acrylic paint. Puffy paint is always a favorite too!

If you’re looking for even more process art activities to do with your kids, then check out this page with 50+ Process Art Activities for Little Kids!

Keep scrolling to discover how you can use paint in your classroom to encourage creativity, curiosity, and learning.

Easy Dot Painting for Kids

Little kids love creative painting techniques, which makes this easy dot painting activity perfect for preschoolers and kindergartners. Even better, this is a great way to build fine motor skills.

Using anything from cotton swabs to pompoms, early learners can explore creating pictures from dots.

  • This Dot Painting for Kids is perfect for exploring clothes with your preschool and kindergarten learners. This quick and easy dot painting process art was created using clothespins and pompoms.

Comb Painting for Kids

The comb painting technique is a fantastic way to explore texture in art with your kids. You can use this method to create some uniquely beautiful patterns and textures on paper in a way that’s easy for kids to recreate.

Comb paintings are perfect for creating animals since their fur is so textured. We used the comb painting technique in our preschool lessons about gorillas. You can explore the project here:

  • Experiment with comb painting while learning about gorillas with this adorable G is for Gorilla Zoo Craft. Your little learners are sure to love this cute gorilla mask craft.

Resist Painting for Kids

Resist Painting is one of our favorite techniques! It’s quick and easy and of course lots of fun! We’ve done a variety of different resist activities from using tape to make rug designs, creating a cool underwater effect, and even painting a nighttime sky!

  • Make your own prehistoric scene with a twist! This Dinosaur Resist Painting for Kids is perfect for practicing a fun watercolor resist technique using crayons on watercolor paper.
  • Can’t get enough of watercolor resist painting? This Desert Night Cactus Preschool Resist Painting is a great way to introduce your little learners to the concept of nocturnal animals.
  • This Rug Painting for Kids was so quick and easy that even my toddler could do it! Not only that, but little kids love making their very own rug designs with masking tape and paint.
  • Your kiddos can make their very own gorgeous and of course tranquil Peaceful Pond Art for Preschoolers using the same watercolor resist technique they know and love.
  • Make Jupiter’s stripes with a super-easy tape resist technique. This Jupiter Painting for Kids is absolutely perfect for your next space preschool theme.
  • Get creative and practice fine motor skills with your preschoolers and kindergartners using this Tree Resist Painting for Kids.

preschooler's tape resist painting
Splatter Painting for Kids

This painting technique is so much fun! My kids love splatter painting and it’s not hard to see why. To create a splatter painting, you’ll need to drop a lot of paint.

You can do this by squirting paint onto the paper from above, dropping paint-covered objects, or even throwing paint at the canvas. It’s perfect for science lessons about gravity.

Plus, it makes a really fun introduction to any Jackson Pollock lesson for kids. Check out these cool splatter painting process art projects:

Bubble Painting

Ready for a magical art experience your kids will talk about for days? Bubble painting has got you covered! This cool process art technique will have your kids creating some whimsical and beautiful art while having a whole lot of fun.

Check out my bubble painting projects below and see how we created bubbles to learn about circles in preschool.

  • This Bubble Painting for Kids painting idea is perfect for teaching your toddlers and preschoolers about stamping with everyday objects. We used bubble wrap and paper cups, but the possibilities are endless.
  • Need a quick and easy bug-themed craft project? Try this Caterpillar Art Preschool Activity. Use tempera paint and cardboard tubes to make adorable caterpillars with your little learners this Spring.
  • It doesn’t get more fun than this Bubble Painting for Kids activity. Your little learners are sure to love every minute of blowing colorful bubbles and of course popping them too!

Salt Painting for Kids

You can use this painting technique to teach your kids some really cool science along the way. Salt painting is where art and science meet to create a beautiful process art experience with salt.

All you’ll need is salt, glue, and watercolor paints. Plus, you can use salt painting techniques in a wide variety of process art projects for tons of topics. Check out some of our favorites below:

Eyedropper Painting

Liquid watercolors are absolutely stunning and eyedroppers are such a wonderful way to practice important fine motor skills while being creative with your little kids. These eyedropper painting ideas are of course no exception!

Syringe Painting for Kids

Another favorite painting idea is using plastic syringes to squirt paint onto cardstock. This activity would be great to add to your next health and wellness or community helpers theme!

syringe painting process art next to inspiration photo
Ice Painting

Ice painting is so versatile! Not only is it an awesome sensory experience, but it’s also an engaging and hands-on way to explore states of matter, color mixing, and so much more!

There are so many benefits of ice cube painting. Painting with ice gives little learners the opportunity to practice important science concepts as well as strengthen fine motor skills.

  • Here’s a great STEAM activity that’s perfect for a hot day! Check out this Ice Painting for Little Kids process art activity and create a beautiful work of art with your preschoolers and kindergartners.
  • This Space Ice Painting for Kids is a fun twist on an old favorite. We used neon food coloring and silicone molds to make colored space-themed ice cubes. The vivid colors created some amazing and of course far-out process art!

colored ice cubes for ice painting for kids activity
Egg Painting

Egg painting isn’t just for Easter anymore! Check out these quick and easy egg painting process art activities! Learn about birds while creating an egg masterpiece!

Tie-Dye Activities

Tie-Dye is definitely a favorite around here and this Tye-Die STEAM Activity for Kids is no exception! Your little kids will have a blast learning this quick and easy tie-dye painting for kids technique!

Symmetry Painting for Preschoolers

Symmetry Painting can be done in a few different ways. When I think of symmetry painting, I remember making half a butterfly and then folding the cardstock in half to stamp the opposite half with a mirror image. When I was finished, I had a beautiful symmetrical butterfly.

Another option is to have your little learners cut an image in half and glue it to a piece of cardstock. This is perfect for introducing the concept of symmetry to your preschoolers.

Not only do they get the opportunity to finish the picture, but they also get to experience symmetry in an engaging and hands-on way.

Ball Painting

There are lots of unique ways to paint with balls. We’ve used bouncy balls, pokey balls, and lots more! Check out these fun painting for kids ideas for even more ball painting fun!

Nature Painting for Children

Are you planning a nature thematic study? These outdoor-inspired painting ideas for kids are the perfect addition.

  • We’ve done several different variations of Tree Painting and today’s tree painting process art was definitely one of our favorites.
  • This Pinecone Painting for Kids activity is perfect for Christmas! You’re definitely going to want to check it out!
  • Get creative and practice fine motor skills with your kids this Fall using this Pumpkin Painting for Kids.
  • This Sea Shell Painting for Kids is perfect for getting creative and practicing fine motor skills with your kids this Summer!
  • Use this Preschool Tree Art Invitation to Create to study Kandinsky or even save this fun idea for your next orchard or winter theme!
  • This Cherry Tree Painting is perfect for encouraging creativity and fine motor skills with your preschoolers this Fall.

Wax Painting for Kids

Wax is a great tool for learning about changing states of matter with kids. As the wax cools, it changes from liquid to solid. Since it happens quickly, it’s a fun way for kids to witness the process that can be done with some really cool process art.

Check out our method for exploring resistance with this wax resist process art project below:

  • Mix art and science for an amazing, hands-on STEAM activity for your preschoolers and kindergartners with this Wax Resist Painting for Kids.

Stencil Painting for Kids

Stenciling is a great introductory painting technique that’s perfect for little learners of all ages. Grab some stencils or even cookie cutters and get creative with your preschoolers and kindergartners today!

  • Explore the beauty of Fall with this Changing Leaves Fall Process Art. Grab some stencils and make your own gorgeous falling leaves.
  • Teach your little learners how to use stencils with this Dinosaur Painting for Kids process art activity. This easy painting idea is great for introducing the concept of layering too.

Stamping Art

There are so many everyday items that we can use to add texture to our art. Explore stamping techniques in lots of fun new ways with the ideas listed below:

Collage Painting for Kids

Blow Painting

This simple process art technique is another that’s tons of fun for little kids. Using straws to create this whimsical art form is easy, but it’s also quite a creative experience.

Plus, kids can’t always control where the air moves the paint, so it’s a great lesson in being flexible for little learners. You can have fun with blow painting using these cool projects:

  • This Blow Painting Process Art was the perfect addition to our science preschool theme and a great way to learn about physics in a fun and kid-friendly way.
  • Explore weather in an engaging and hands-on way using straws and paint with this Wind Painting for Kids invitation to create.
  • Learn about whales with your little learners while making this adorable Whale Blow Painting for Kids process art.
  • This Blow Painting for Kids is perfect for exploring physics while practicing creative thinking and fine motor skills.
  • Explore physics, visual arts, and technology with this Blow Art invitation to create. This painting for kids activity is perfect for your next five senses or orchestra preschool theme. You’re definitely not going to want to miss it!

child's wind process art
Swirl Painting for Kids

We’ve made quite a few paper plate swirl painting projects too! These quick and easy painting for kids activities are perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners!

  • This Exploring Tornados creative activity was a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate twirling tornados in a way that both little kids could understand while practicing important fine motor skills at the same time.
  • Superhero Swirl Process Art is the perfect quick and easy painting idea for your next superhero-inspired preschool theme.
  • Learn about the Earth with your preschoolers and kindergartners using this Swirl World Invitation to Create Process Art.
  • Your preschoolers and kindergartners are sure to love this open-ended ball painting experience. Check out this Neptune Painting for Kids idea today!

Galaxy Painting for Kids

Galaxy painting is a wonderful way to explore the solar system with your little learners. These open-ended art activities are perfect for encouraging creativity and fine motor skills while introducing the concept of galaxies.

  • Little kids love all things glitter and this Glitter Space Art for Preschoolers is no exception! Don’t forget to add it to your next space thematic study.
  • This Galaxy Painting for Kids is a wonderful (and sparkly) way for your preschoolers and kindergartners to make their very own quick and easy space art.

Sun Painting

Sun painting is the perfect activity to introduce your space preschool theme. After all, the sun is the center of our solar system and an important source of heat and light.

Paper Plate Painting for Kids

Preschool Painting Activities

Once you’ve explored a variety of techniques with your kids, you can begin to use those techniques to create less abstract paintings. Let kids use comb painting to make animals, drop painting for flowers, and wax resist art to imagine landscapes. Go wild!

Here are a few process art projects we like to get you started:

Check out these other awesome ideas for little kids!

Don’t forget to leave a comment and share what types of painting for kids activities you’d like to see!

collage of painting ideas for kids with text: Quick & Easy Painting Ideas for Little Kids