Our Creative Space + Learning Place (2018)

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Every year, I share updated pictures of the studio and the transformation has definitely been amazing. We went from an entirely empty room a few years ago to a truly unique creative space + learning place that we’re all head over heels in love with.

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collage of organized craft room images with text: Make A Family Workspace for Crafts & Homeschool Before & AfterThe studio is where we spend the overwhelming majority of our time. You know, between being a work-at-home, homeschooling mama and making stuff on pretty much a daily basis. Yep! More often than not, this is where you’ll find us.

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baby lying on the floor under Montessori mobile
Of course as our family has grown and changed, so has the amount and type of stuff that’s in here. We went from craft room and play space to home office and learning place.

When we originally broke ground on this project, I had absolutely no way of knowing that I’d be working from home or that we’d be homeschooling the little guy or even that we would end up pregnant with baby girl. It’s amazing how God answers prayers, isn’t it?

If you haven’t already, you can check out what the studio looked like before here. Otherwise, here’s a look at our creative space + learning place after working through Creative Space Bootcamp.

craft room featuring wooden table and chairs surrounded by several different shelves filled with supplies
My stuff hasn’t really changed much. I’ve reorganized the individual baskets a bit and switched out a few, but otherwise everything’s pretty much still the same.

two different styles of rolling carts in front of wire shelf containing baskets filled with packaged embellishmentsThe baskets on the left are scrapbooking supplies, things like embellishments, adhesives, etc. The Ikea Raskog cart is where I store all of my Thickers and letter stickers and the industrial wire rolling cart is overflowing with sewing + quilting stuff.

craft desk with wooden organizers containing paints, inks and markers
This is my main workspace. You can see how I organize all of my paints, inks, and markers along with bible journaling supplies, which are on the white cart that’s pushed underneath.

wire shelves filled with a variety of art supplies, chipboard, rubber and acrylic stamps, and Project Life kitsThese baskets are home to mixed media + art journaling supplies, stamps, and Project Life kits.

wire shelf filled with scrapbooking supplies organized into a variety of baskets and containersAll of my patterned paper and solid cardstock are in Iris cases on this wire rack along with mini albums and chipboard in the galvanized locker baskets.

The white baskets are where we keep some of the toys that the little guy plays with while I’m working.

10-drawer and 3-tier rolling carts filled with homeschool curriculumNot surprisingly, we have the same clear rolling cart that just about every homeschool family in America has. We use it for all of our current curriculum. The pink cart (this one’s from Michael’s) is lots of fun stuff that we use for Pre-K with the little guy.

baby mobile in front of cube bookshelves filled with children's books
I know that I’ve shared our homeschool library before. These two shelves are where we keep all of the little guy’s books. For the time-being, baby girl’s Montessori play space is in this corner too. I’m seriously in love with these mobiles.

In a few months, she’ll be finished with the visual mobile progression and we’ll put them away. In the meantime, this gives her something to do while I’m working.

Our books are mostly organized by series. Beyond that, they’re kinda random. I do try to keep the books for our literature-based curriculum together, though.

baby mobile with wooden stand in front of large cube bookshelves filled with children's booksWe love to read, so obviously we have lots of books. When my husband finishes the living room, we’re planning on building bookshelves along one entire wall. I seriously can’t wait to have all of our books in one place.

shared craft room with shelves full of supplies, pretend kitchen and desk workspace
The little guy’s kitchen is in here and we have all of our kids’ art supplies + sensory materials organized on two of these white cube shelves.

desk workspace with laptop, printer, and electronic die cutter
Here’s a look at my desk with my laptop and printer along with lots of tools and this cool wire organizer that we found at Target a few months ago.

desk workspace next to children's play area featuring storage unit, sensory table with stools, and several bookshelves containing toys
In other news, the little guy has sort of taken over this side of the studio.

This is the other white cube shelf that I mentioned and it’s of course where we keep most of our kids’ craft supplies. If you look closely, you’ll also see more sensory materials.

children's sensory table with stools in front of storage unit
This is of course his workspace. We use the Ikea Flisat Children’s Table as a sensory table, so the bins are always filled with something.

If you’re curious what’s in them right now, the correct answer would be sand. Yep! I’m a glutton for punishment. Lol…

We use the Ikea Trofast to organize all of our STEM toys – K’nex, Smarty Parts, etc.

children's play area featuring shelves filled with toys, sensory table with stools
These three white bookcases are where we keep all of our puzzles and games. And yep! They’re in need of some serious TLC. I love me some fun, educational stuff. A little bit too much, right? Lol…

preschool preparing food in pretend kitchenThis is the Ikea Duktig Play Kitchen. I’m not even exaggerating when I say this thing gets played with every day. It was definitely money well spent.

And of course we can’t forget about the little guy pouring himself some juice.

The studio is definitely all kinds of awesome, don’t ya think? I can’t wait to see how it evolves over the course of the next year.

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collage of organized craft room images with text: Creative Space Makeover Before & After