How We Organize Our Tot School Sensory Materials

collage of large clear sensory bin filled with tools and stack of rainbow sensory bins with text overlay: How We Organized Our Tot School Sensory MaterialsI can’t even begin to believe how many tools and supplies we’ve accumulated already for our sensory bins. It’s crazy, y’all! There’s definitely no shortage of awesome stuff for the little guy to play with, though. I keep bringing home mini kitchen tools and cute plastic trays. And then I’m like what am I supposed to do with all this stuff?

All of our sensory materials are organized in the studio.

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Of course we’re still using our rainbow sensory bins. Like I said, I’m absolutely head over heels in love with them. They’re making life so much easier when it comes to creating sensory bins for the little guy because all the hard work is already done.

stack of rainbow sensory bins made from plastic storage containers with lids
Having all of this stuff already ready to go means there’s no need to scramble around at the last minute to put something together for him. Everything is literally just grab & go. I stacked each one of these on the little guy’s Expedit.

We have a ridiculous amount of tools that I basically just keep together. You can read more about our “Tot School” Must-Haves here. The translucent trays are from Ikea. The divided trays and mini kitchen tools are from Walmart and Target. I’d still love to build a sensory table and of course I would definitely add a shelf underneath for storage. In the meantime, I just slide it all underneath one of my tables in the studio.

large clear bin filled with sensory materials and tools
This is working really well for us. We grab our activity tub, one of our rainbow sensory bins, and a few tools. It’s as simple as that. One week, we even added snow. We only keep dry sensory materials on hand, though. The dyed rice will probably need to be replaced periodically, but most of this stuff should last indefinitely.

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  1. Hiya AJ! It’s fixed. I also responded to your email. Thanks so much for letting me know! Happy learning through play!

  2. Thanks so much, Heather! And it definitely makes a difference for him! He loves being able to get to all of his stuff. Lol… Have an awesome week!

  3. Your organization is inspiring! I need to do something like this with my kids craft supplies. Thanks for sharing with the Everything Kids pin & link party 🙂

  4. Thanks so much, Abby! And yep, we definitely do! He loves it! Lol… Thanks so much for visiting and have an awesome week!

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