Preschool Ocean Crafts

I am so excited to share these preschool ocean crafts and activities with you just in time for World Oceans Day on June 8th! Exploring coral reefs and ocean animals with your preschool learners is a fun way to practice important early learning skills.

Many of these crafts provide excellent opportunities to help your preschooler build the fine motor skills your little learner will need for handwriting later. There are also some really fun ocean-themed letter learning activities you won’t want to miss. 

Keep scrolling to explore these exciting ocean crafts and activities for preschool learners and get started learning through play today.

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Preschool Ocean Crafts

Stringing Coral Reefs Preschool Ocean Craft coral reef ocean craft using straws, pipe cleaners, beads and play dough

Create a Coral Reef

I love this craft for so many reasons! Lots of the ocean crafts you typically see in books for preschoolers focus only on the animals that live in the ocean, but coral reefs are a really exciting and rare part of the ocean you should definitely explore with your little ones.

In this craft, preschoolers can build fine motor skills by threading objects onto pipe cleaners to form their own coral reef. It’s a great way to build their finger muscles and help preschoolers develop into strong writers in the future. Plus, the variety of textures involved in this craft make an excellent sensory experience for young learners! 

Want to learn more about coral reefs and the animals that live there? Check out this adorable picture book by Marianne Berkes called Over in the Ocean: In a Coral Reef*. It’s filled with colorful pictures that seem to leap right off the page! Plus, it’s written in rhyming verse, so it’s a lot of fun for little kids! 

One interesting animal you’ll find in the coral reef is the subject of this next craft: the sea urchin. Check out this fun sea urchin letter learning craft.

U is for Urchin Zoo Craft
sea urchin craft using painted toothpicks on light blue cardstock

Explore Sea Urchins Through Art

This unique art project will allow your preschooler to explore sea urchins by creating his own version with paint, paper, and toothpicks or cotton swabs. Kids can use as many colors as they like to create their own sea urchins on paper.

Aside from being a great time to explore mixing colors, and work on the pincher grasp that will lead to a better pencil grip for handwriting; this craft gives you a unique opportunity to learn about these amazing sea creatures.

For extra learning fun, include this painting activity in your alphabet lessons. Have preschoolers experiment with writing the letter U on their sea urchin paintings for extra practice. Want more ocean animal alphabet crafts? Keep scrolling.

J is for Jellyfish Zoo Craft
preschool sharing his J is for jellyfish craft

Paper Plate Jellyfish Friends

These paper plate jellyfish are adorable! It’s also another ocean animal craft you can use to teach preschoolers about the alphabet. Preschoolers are sure to remember learning about the letter J while creating these fun jellyfish buddies.

Once your preschooler has made his own jellyfish buddy, get up and dance with The Jellyfish from Super Simple Songs for kids. Incorporating music and dancing into your lessons is an excellent way to promote physical activity for children. 

Whale Bible Story Art for Little Kids
preschooler working on whale craft

Jonah & The Whale Story Art

It can be tough to find Bible crafts that young children can complete independently. If you’re looking for a fun art project to help preschoolers remember the story of Jonah, you’re going to love this whale craft with its whimsical googly eyes. 

The story of Jonah is definitely a favorite for my kids so they loved creating their very own whale to act out the bible story with. If you’re looking for a really fun version of this classic Bible story, check out Into the Sea, Out of the Tomb: Jonah and Jesusby Maura Roan McKeegan.

If your preschoolers enjoy this whale craft, you’ll definitely want to explore the dolphin art project below.

D is for Dolphin Zoo Craft
dolphin process art using blue tissue paper, glitter and glue

Dolphin Glitter Fun

Preschool learners can have even more letter learning fun with this painting project. Plus, there’s glitter! Kids love painting and painting with glitter is even better. If you’re looking for a way to help your preschooler remember the letter D, you’ll definitely want to experiment with this fun dolphin craft.

After you’ve created your own D is for dolphin masterpieces and at least attempted to clear away the remaining glitter, gather everyone for a fun read-aloud: The Truth About Dolphins: Seriously Funny Facts About Your Favorite Animalsby Maxwell Eaton III. It’s perfect for future scientists and preschoolers who prefer non-fiction books, but the best part is the giggles! With this book, you’ll all be giggling and learning. What could be better than that?

Looking for more quick & easy preschool crafts & activities? 

Happy learning through play!