Color by Number Summer Preschool Worksheets

These Color by Number Summer Preschool Worksheets are perfect for practicing early math skills like number identification with your preschooler. Get yours today!

Color by Number Summer Preschool Worksheets with text: Preschool Summer Printable Worksheets Color by NumberThe adorable Color by Number Summer Preschool Worksheets are great for practicing numbers and early math skills with your preschooler. You can use these fun beach themed printables to practice number identification, color recognition, and fine motor skills with your early learner.

Color by number worksheets are perfect for learning at home this Summer. They would also be an excellent activity for a family staycation or to keep kids busy on a summer road trip to the beach.

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These worksheets are perfect for preschool learners! Get your own color by number summer preschool worksheets to start practicing number skills right away.

Check out these exciting beach themed math activities you can enjoy with your kids today.

Build an Indoor Sandcastle

One of our favorite things to do at the beach is build sandcastles. We don’t just build castles, we build sea monsters and mermaids too! It’s a fun way to spend the day on the beach enjoying the sunshine and working together creatively.

At home we like to build small sandcastles in our sandbox. Building sandcastles is a great STEM activity all by itself. You can teach your preschoolers  about structural integrity,  three-dimensional shapes like cylinders and cones, and explore what happens when you use more or less water in the mix.

Then one rainy day, we discovered the indoor sandcastle! Follow these instructions to build your own:

  1. Use a ruler to trace shapes on sandpaper.
  2. Then, cut the shapes from the sandpaper. For extra fun, let your preschooler practice scissor skills by cutting the sandpaper scraps into fun shapes to be used in your ultimate castle design.
  3. Next, have fun talking about the shapes you’ve created and feeling the textured sandpaper. Learning can be a lot of fun!
  4. Finally, arrange your sandpaper shapes to form your very own unique sandcastle design. For added learning you can ask questions like, “Why did you choose to put the rectangle on top of the circle? Would that work in real life?”

Talking about shapes and design as you build your sandpaper castle will help your preschooler to think critically about shapes and how they are used. It’s also a great tactile way to practice shape recognition with kinesthetic and visual learners. When your castle is finished, you can glue it to a poster and save the memory forever. Don’t want the fun to end? Dismantle your indoor sandcastle and start again!

DIY Summer Themed Puzzle

All out of sandpaper? You can still get in on the critical thinking and early math fun with your preschoolers. These no-prep printable color by number worksheets can be used to create your own summer themed puzzles.

Solving puzzles is a great way to boost your child’s self-esteem with a sense of accomplishment. Plus, puzzles help preschoolers develop critical thinking skills, fine motor skills, and problem solving abilities.

To turn these beach themed color by number worksheets into the perfect summer puzzle, follow these steps:

  1. Have fun identifying numbers and coloring the shapes to reveal a cute beach themed picture. Images include a sand bucket, beach balls, and surfboards.
  2. Once the worksheet is complete, help your child cut the image apart to form the “pieces” of the puzzle. You can cut along the solid shape outlines or cut into 6 to 9 squares.
  3. Finally, enjoy assembling your puzzle pieces together.

We cut our puzzle into lots of crazy pieces and then challenged Daddy to a puzzle race. To have a puzzle race, give each contestant a DIY summer puzzle to complete. See who can finish their beach themed coloring puzzle first!

Counting & Sorting Seashells

These summer color by number worksheets are perfect for practicing number identification with preschool learners. Kids who recognize numbers easily are confident in working with numbers and able to develop a strong foundation for more complex math skills later. Keep scrolling to get your own color by number worksheets to practice number recognition skills with your preschooler.

You can use seashells to practice other math skills in a fun, beach themed way. Seashells are perfect for practicing counting and one to one correspondence skills with preschool learners.

Give your preschooler a handful of seashells and see how many he can count without help. Then, show your child how to count seashells by pointing to each individual shell and saying the corresponding number aloud. You’ve just taught your preschooler the most important basic math concept!

For more great seashell counting fun, check out my free printable counting seashells worksheets for extra preschool math practice with a fun beach theme.

Sandcastle Counting Song

One of my favorite techniques for teaching preschool children is to incorporate music and movement. Moving to music while learning helps create connections between the body and mind.

It’s a great way for kids to get some wiggles out, express their feelings, and have fun while learning. Math songs can also be a really fun way to get children who don’t normally like math excited about learning math skills while having fun.

You can add music to a beach themed Summer math lesson with 5 Little Sandcastles from Singing Hands“5 little sandcastles sitting on the beach…” begins the song. With each verse, one sandcastle is washed away by the waves. The song counts down until all the sandcastles have been washed away.

Kids can use their fingers to count down as they sing along with the song. It’s a great way to practice counting down from 5 with preschool learners.

Ready to teach your preschool learners important early math skills in a fun and engaging way? Keep scrolling to get your color by number summer worksheets today.

Color by Number Summer Preschool Worksheets

Color by Number Summer Preschool WorksheetsGet your Color by Number Summer Preschool Worksheets via Teachers Pay Teachers here

Color by Number Summer Preschool Worksheets Beach BallsColor by Number Summer Preschool Worksheets Bucket and Shovel
Beach Balls

Bucket and Shovel

Color by Number Summer Preschool Worksheets Flip Flops Color by Number Summer Preschool Worksheets Frozen Treats
Flip Flops

Frozen Treats

Color by Number Summer Preschool Worksheets SailboatColor by Number Summer Preschool Worksheets Sandcastle


Color by Number Summer Preschool Worksheets Sunglasses and SunscreenColor by Number Summer Preschool Worksheets Surfboards
Sunglasses and Sunscreen


Keep in mind that all preschoolers do things in their own time and on their own terms. What one is ready for, another might not be. Please use your best mama judgement when planning activities for your little kids.

I hope you enjoy using these color by number summer preschool worksheets with your little kids as much as I enjoyed creating them with mine.

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