Mittens Printable Winter Preschool Worksheets

I can’t wait to share these new Mittens Printable Winter Preschool Worksheets with you. These cute new preschool worksheets are the perfect way to help your little learners practice early numeracy skills.

Mittens Printable Winter Preschool Worksheets with text: Winter Theme Winter Counting Preschool WorksheetsKids can practice number recognition, counting skills, and one-to-one correspondence while counting with these adorable Mittens Printable Winter Preschool Worksheets. Plus, they’ll get a little extra practice building fine motor skills and handwriting skills as they write numbers too.

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Keep reading to get your own preschool math activity pages and lots of ideas for creating math centers using these printable worksheets, clip cards, and counting notebooks this Winter season.

Preschool Activities for Winter

We spend a lot of time stuck inside during the Winter months, but there are still lots of fun learning activities we can do with our preschoolers this year. I’ve created these cute Winter mittens counting activities for preschoolers to help you add some fun to your math lessons this Winter.

There are so many ways you can use this set of 14 no-prep printable pages to spark fun and learning at home and in the classroom. Check out some of the fun preschool activities to do with these Winter mitten printables below!

Counting Printables for Winter

Kids can learn to identify numbers 0-10 and practice writing numbers with these fun counting printables. Plus, there are cards with cute Winter mittens to help your kids practice counting skills as they count the mittens on the page.

It’s a great way to practice one-to-one correspondence and build concrete math skills they’ll need in these early years.

Winter Math Centers for Preschool

Did you know this printable numeracy pack is perfect for building your own math centers? I’ve got some fantastic ideas for setting up a math center with Winter Mittens!

First, download and print these Winter mittens counting activity pages. You can use these printables to set up Math activities for your kids to do. I like to laminate the pages and let kids practice again and again with dry-erase markers.

Including real mittens in your math center will help kids practice counting with concrete objects. Provide various baskets or bins for organizing and sorting mittens as they count. It’s easy to collect old mittens that have lost their match or purchase a few sets of one size mittens for this activity.

Next, add some extra fun to your math center with these books:

  • Missing Mittens* by Stuart J. Murphy: this MathStart book helps kids learn to recognize even and odd numbers while building skip-counting skills.
  • Three Little Kittens* by Paul Galdone: this classic nursery rhyme helps kids practice counting while building early literacy skills too. Plus, reciting nursery rhymes is a lot of fun! You can even add some kitten stuffed animals to your math center. Preschoolers can practice giving and taking away mittens from the kittens as an early introduction to addition and subtraction.

Mittens Printable Counting Notebook

Another great way to use these printable math activity pages is to create a fun counting book. You can use these pages to help your preschooler learn about 0-10.

Plus, there are lots of fun counting and tracing activities on every page. Help children combine their pages into a book they can keep all Winter long.

Preschool Counting Clip Cards

Winter mittens counting clip cards are a fun hands-on way to help your preschoolers practice number recognition this year. These fun printable pages will help kids identify and practice counting 0-10.

They’re perfect for use in math centers and activity tables, classrooms, and at home this Winter. These cute mittens are a fun and quick way to help kids recognize numbers, practice counting skills, and one-to-one correspondence.

Plus, kids can build finger strength for handwriting as they clip the correct numbers on each mittens card this Winter.

How will you use these Winter counting activities with your kids? Share your Winter activity plans in the comment section and don’t forget to check out my other fun Winter themed preschool activities too.

Mittens Printable Winter Preschool Worksheets

Get your Counting Mittens Winter Preschool Worksheets via Teachers Pay Teachers.

Keep in mind that all preschoolers do things in their own time and on their own terms. What one is ready for, another might not be. Please use your best mama judgement when planning activities for your little kids.

I hope you enjoy using these winter preschool worksheets with your little kids as much as I enjoyed creating them with mine.

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Mittens Printable Winter Preschool Worksheets with text: Winter Theme Winter Mittens Preschool Worksheets

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