How To Make Organizing Less Overwhelming

Learn how to make organizing less overwhelming! Get practical tips and advice on organizing your craft room or creative space when you’re struggling.

Can you believe it’s almost Spring? Time for some spring cleaning! Have you thought about adding organize your craft room to the Spring cleaning to-do list? If the thought scares you, don’t worry. Many people feel overwhelmed by the thought of decluttering.

embellishments organized in white divided tray with text overlay: 3 Ways to Make Organizing Your Craft Room Less Overwhelming

We tend to get attached to our stuff and it can be hard to let go. Plus, getting organized takes time and effort. Sometimes it feels easier to just continue on the path we have been on rather than tackle everything all at once.

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Knowing where to begin is a big part of how to make organizing less overwhelming. In this article, I’m going to show you how to get organized when you’re overwhelmed so keep reading for some great tips and tricks to get you started!

How To Get Organized When You Are Overwhelmed

Have you ever really stopped to think about why we can’t ever seem to keep that one particular space in our homes clean and organized? It really does seem like organizing our craft rooms is just flat-out difficult! There are so many different reasons the thought of getting organized can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep reading to discover the tips and tricks to help you get started even when you feel totally overwhelmed.

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4 Ways to Make Organizing Less Overwhelming

Remember, you’ve totally got this! Organizing your craft room doesn’t have to be difficult and overwhelming. Here are some ideas to make things just a bit easier for you!

You probably have a routine or at least a rhythm for cleaning your kitchen and your bathroom. And I’m also willing to bet that everything in your kitchen has a home: a place to belong. There’s a drawer for your spoons, a cabinet for cups, etc. Why should your craft room be any different?

Give Everything a Home

The first way to make organizing less overwhelming is to give all your tools and supplies a place to belong. It may take some time to find the right containers for certain objects, but in the end, you’ll be glad you did.

Start With a Blank Canvas Whenever Possible

Have you ever heard the saying that it’s better to prevent than to cure? If you’re just beginning to set up your craft room, now is the perfect time to get organized! Don’t wait to implement these tips and tricks for organizing your craft room. Begin getting organized before you start to feel overwhelmed.

If you already have an established craft room, consider storing all your items in a separate space temporarily while you begin the organization process. Starting with a blank canvas will help you to visualize how you want the space to look and begin tackling one task at a time without feeling overwhelmed.

If you don’t have the space to empty your craft room in its entirety, then toss a sheet over all but one specific area and start there.

Then, don’t miss two more secrets for getting started when you’re overwhelmed.

Keep a Basket Nearby

In order to temporarily keep clutter contained, keep a basket or bin near your workspace to make organizing less overwhleming. Having the clutter contained while you’re focusing on a project can keep you from getting distracted. Plus, it will help you not to become overwhelmed by the mess while you work on getting organized in other areas of the room.

Just remember, you must empty it and put things away where they belong at least once a week. If you don’t you’ll only be adding extra clutter to deal with later and this tip will quickly become one that causes overwhelm rather than eliminates it.

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Be Strategic About Buying Containers

Have a plan and a budget. Those 50% off baskets at Michael’s might look like a fabulous deal, but what if they’re not right for your space? What if they won’t really work for the supplies you’re trying to organize?

Think about what kinds of containers you will need (and how much you can spend) before you begin. That way, you’ll be able to stay on budget. Besides, having too many extra unused containers stacked in your craft room is only going to make you more overwhelmed in the end.

On a tight budget? Repurpose things that you already have. You can definitely get your craft room organized on a tight budget. I’ve included nine more tips for doing exactly that.

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embellishments organized in white divided tray with text overlay: 3 Ways to Make Organizing Your Craft Room Less Overwhelming

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  1. Where and how do I start? My craft space (Half of a 2 car garage ) organizing was coming along petty well when my house burnt to the ground 3/27/17. I was in the process of moving every thing from garage to spare bedroom. needless to say I lost some things, mostly new Scrap N cube scrapbook furniture along with what was in them and lots paper. I have wonderful friend who gave me a lot of stuff as well as gift cards to purchase things I needed. my garage space became a place to store anything and every thing for the 2 and a half years it took to rebuild our home, since finishing the house and moving back in I go out to my space and stand and stare I do not know where to start every thing is in bags and boxes. I am retired and live on limited income which makes it even more of a challenge.

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