Printable Literacy Halloween Preschool Worksheets

Are you a preschool teacher or homeschool mama who is looking for lots of fun Halloween letter practice for your little kids? If so, then you’re definitely going to want to check out these Printable Literacy Halloween Preschool Worksheets!

Preschool Halloween Printable Worksheets Literacy with text: Preschool Halloween Printable Worksheets for Little Kids Literacy Printables

We’re wrapping up Halloween stuff this weekend! And you know what they say, right? Save the best for last. These awesome Literacy Halloween Preschool Worksheets are exactly that! These are definitely some of my favorite so far!

You’ll find everything from recognizing letters and distinguishing letters from numbers to identifying beginning sounds. Talk about lots of fun letter practice for your little kids!

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The little guy always comes over to see what I’m doing when he knows that I’m making preschool worksheets and he’s always like, “Love it!” It totally cracks me up. I adore that he’s so passionate about my work. It means a lot to me.

He’s always asking if we can print whatever it is that I’m working on before I’m anywhere near finished with it. It’s seriously great! He’s the reason that I started doing this.

If you look back far enough in the archives, you’ll see that before I had the little guy, I was a craft blogger. And after? Well, I’m sure that you can guess the rest of the story.

Lately it’s been printable worksheets, kids activities, and of course all things homeschooling. You know, because… The little guy!

Keep in mind that all preschoolers do things in their own time and on their own terms. What one is ready for, another might not be. Please use your best mama judgement when planning activities for your little kids.

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Printable Literacy Halloween Preschool Worksheets

There are 10 worksheets included in this pack.

Get your Printable Literacy Halloween Preschool Worksheets here.

These printable activities were created as a fun supplement for my little kids.

  • Recognizing letters A-Z
  • Identifying beginning sounds
  • Distinguishing between capital and lowercase letters
  • Tracing & writing letters A-Z
  • Recognizing differences between items
  • Distinguishing between letters and numbers

The following worksheets are included in this pack:

Literacy Halloween Preschool Worksheets Spooky Beginning Sounds Literacy Halloween Preschool Worksheets Candy Letters & Numbers
Spooky Beginning Sounds – Circle the beginning sound for each Halloween word.

Candy Letters & Numbers – Color the letter candy red and the number candy blue.

Literacy Halloween Preschool Worksheets Monster Letters Literacy Halloween Preschool Worksheets Costume Sound Match
Monster Letters – Trace the letters. Cut and paste them in the correct category. Color the pictures.

Costume Sound Match – Match each of the children’s costumes to the correct beginning sound.

Literacy Halloween Preschool Worksheets Halloween Candy Letter Sort Literacy Halloween Preschool Worksheets Spider Letter Match
Halloween Candy Letter Sort – Color the pictures. Cut and paste them in the correct place.

Spider Letter Match – Cut and paste to match the capital and lowercase letters.

Literacy Halloween Preschool Workshets Bat Letter Matching Literacy Halloween Preschool Worksheets Halloween Words
Bat Letter Matching – Circle the letters that are the same in each row.

Halloween Words – Write the letter that each of these Halloween words begins with. Color the pictures.

Literacy Halloween Preschool Worksheets Monster Same Or Different Literacy Halloween Preschool Worksheets Halloween Tracing
Monster Same Or Different – Color the monsters on each line that are the same.

Halloween Tracing – Trace the spider web and the word Halloween. Color the picture.

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I hope you love using these preschool worksheets with your little kids as much as I loved creating them with mine!

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Literacy Halloween Preschool Worksheets with text: Preschool Halloween Printable Worksheets for Little Kids