Life at the Pond Sensory Activity

collage of pond sensory activity images with text overlay: Life Science with Little Kids Life at the Pond Sensory ActivitySometimes, we like quick and easy activities like this Life at the Pond Invitation to Play that I shared a few days ago and other times we go all out.

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preschooler playing with blue gems and duck manipulatives in sensory bin filled with water
Today we put together this awesome sensory bin, which includes tadpoles and frogs, duck counters, a pond plant or two, and even rocks and stones. If you’re interested in making your own, here are some ideas to get you started.

Life at the Pond Sensory Activity

What you’ll need

  • Activity tub
  • Water
  • Small pond plants + animals (rubber ducks, Safari Ltd Toobs, pond counters, etc.)
  • Rocks, stones, and other similar loose parts

Here’s how to do it

Fill the activity bin with water. I usually don’t even fill ours half way. I like the little guy to have some space to play without splashing water out of the bin.

preschooler playing with pond toys in sensory bin filled with water
Create your pond. This is a great activity for you and your kids to do together. He loves helping me put together habitats and it’s a great time to talk about the plants + animals that live there.

preschooler playing with pond manipulatives in sensory bin filled with water
You could also make lily pads from foam. Or if you have younger kids, try laminated cardstock. And of course you could add a few aquarium plants too. Either way, the possibilities are endless.

preschooler holding rock from pond sensory bin
It’s really just a matter of finding out what works for you and your little kids. And of course what you’re comfortable with as a mama.

preschooler splashing water in pond sensory bin
We’ve done this activity a few times and, as with everything else in life, it’s always evolving.

preschooler holding pretend water lily from pond sensory bin
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