Life Cycle Worksheets

These life cycle worksheets are perfect for learning about life cycles with kids while exploring the natural world and practicing putting events in order. Grab one or all of these free printable Kindergarten Worksheets today!

collage of life cycle worksheets with text: Life Cycle Activities Free Printable Life Cycle WorksheetsMy kids like to ask questions about where things come from and how they grow. On a recent trip to the farm, I fielded questions like “Mommy, why do chickens lay eggs?” and “How do the pumpkins grow?”

If your kids are asking these same kinds of questions, you have a wonderful opportunity to teach them some very important concepts. Learning about life cycles can be really exciting!

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I’ve put together these life cycle worksheets to help you answer important questions. Plus, life cycles are a great way to teach your kids about natural order and sequence of events.

Check out these great life cycle worksheets to get you started! You’re definitely not going to want to miss them!

Apple Life Cycle Worksheets

Are you planning an apple unit study or preschool theme for your little learners this Fall? If so, you’ll definitely want to add these Free Printable Apple Life Cycle Worksheets to your science lesson plans.

You can use these simple printables to help explain how apple trees grow to your preschool and kindergarten students. Then, practice putting the steps in order to help kids understand the sequence of events.

Bat Life Cycle Worksheets

Did you know a baby bat is called a pup? My kids were fascinated by that. In general, bats are pretty fascinating creatures. Use these Free Printable Bat Life Cycle Worksheets in a unit study about nocturnal animals.

You can read Stellaluna* by Janell Cannon together to learn more about these amazing animals with your little learners this year.

Bee Life Cycle Worksheets

Bees are such an important part of our everyday lives. Not only do they make honey, but they also play a role in pollinating plants that produce the food we eat.

These Free Printable Bee Life Cycle Worksheets are perfect for teaching your preschoolers and kindergartners all about the life cycle of these amazing creatures.

Butterfly Life Cycle Worksheets

Planning a butterfly-themed unit for your kids this year? There are so many things to learn about these incredible creatures! These Butterfly Life Cycle Worksheets is the perfect way to begin introducing your early learners to the concept of metamorphosis. 

Then, try planting a butterfly bush in your garden to bring these flying beauties up close for even more learning fun.

Chicken Life Cycle Worksheets

What comes first, the chicken or the egg? Soon your children will know! Print these Chicken Life Cycle Worksheets and your kids can have fun discovering the answer to this old question once and for all as they discover the amazing life cycles of this farm animal.

For an extra fun physical activity, don’t forget to learn the chicken dance too!

Frog Life Cycle Worksheets

Have you ever seen a froglet? Once you’ve explored these Frog Life Cycle Worksheets, you’ll know just where to look to spot tadpoles, froglets, and frogs with our little learners this year.

A frog unit study or preschool theme would be just perfect for Spring. You can learn about these amazing amphibians with your kids this year using these frog life cycle worksheets.

Ladybug Life Cycle Worksheets

Did you know that ladybugs can have stripes instead of spots? And while we’re on the subject, ladybugs aren’t actually bugs. They’re beetles. Learn more about ladybugs with your little learners using these Free Printable Ladybug Life Cycle Worksheets.

Exploring the ladybug life cycle with your preschoolers and kindergartners would be a perfect the Spring or even Summer thematic study. Grab your free printable life cycle worksheets today!

Owl Life Cycle Worksheets

Another amazing animal to add to your lessons this year, the owl is a bird your kids will come to love. Print these Owl Life Cycle Worksheets to learn more about these fascinating birds.

Then, for even more fun, consider dissecting owl pellets with your little scientists to learn about what owls eat and how they digest their food. 

Pine Tree Life Cycle Worksheets

Learn about pine trees and how they grow with your kids this year using these Pine Tree Life Cycle Worksheets. You’ll find plenty of ideas included to put together a quick & easy tree theme this December! 

Explore nature, practice sequencing, and encourage fine motor skills with these wonderful pine tree life cycle printables. Christmas is the perfect time of the year to learn all about evergreens in an engaging and hands-on way!

Pumpkin Life Cycle Worksheets

These Free Printable Pumpkin Life Cycle Worksheets are perfect for October! Learn about how pumpkins grow with your kids before you visit the pumpkin patch together.

Then, use these pumpkin life cycle worksheets to identify the different parts of your pumpkin while carving up your very own Jack-o-lantern for Halloween.

Sea Turtle Life Cycle

Sea turtles truly are amazing creatures. We spent quite a bit of time exploring the life cycle of a sea turtle.

If you’re planning an ocean thematic study, don’t forget to add these Free Printable Sea Turtle Life Cycle Worksheets! They’re quick and easy no-prep printables that your little learners are sure to love.

Spider Life Cycle Worksheets

Are you scared of spiders? After learning more about them, perhaps you won’t be. These no-prep Free Printable Spider Life Cycle Worksheets will help you introduce arachnids to your little learners.

Consider reading Charlotte’s Web* by E.B. White together to learn more about natural order and the spider life cycle.

Turkey Life Cycle Worksheets

Just in time for Thanksgiving, these Turkey Life Cycle Worksheets will add a little science learning fun to your Turkey Day this year.

Did you know a young turkey is called a poult? I didn’t either, but it seems like a pretty strange word for a turkey. You’ll have fun discovering how turkeys grow just in time for your holiday dinner with these easy to use life cycle printables.

collage of life cycle worksheets with text: Life Cycle Activities Free Printable Life Cycle Worksheets Get Yours Today!

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Is there a life cycle worksheet theme you want to see next? Share your ideas in the comments, I’m always looking for fun new themes to explore!