My First Alphabet Learning Notebook Letters Preschool Worksheets for Little Kids

Use these printable letters preschool worksheets to teach your little kids the alphabet. Your preschoolers will love coloring, tracing, and writing the alphabet from A to Z. Of course each letter includes a fun activity too! 

I had a blast putting together these learning notebooks with lots of letters preschool worksheets that will definitely get your little kids tracing and writing, coloring, and even doing fun activities with letters. 

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Preschool Alphabet Learning Notebook with text: Preschool Alphabet Learning NotebookMy First Alphabet Learning Notebook for Pre-K/Kindergarten

Get the My First Alphabet Learning Notebook here.

There are 26 printable worksheets, one for each letter of the alphabet.

Printable worksheets include coloring, tracing, and writing the letter. And of course there’s also a fun activity for each letter too!

The following concepts are covered:

  • Coloring, tracing, and writing letters A-Z
  • Counting and tracing numbers 1-5

There are three different types of activities:

  • Count the items and trace the number. Color the pictures.
  • Draw and color something that begins with the letter.
  • Color the items that begin with the letter.

The My First Alphabet Learning Notebook was created for my Pre-K little guy. I wanted to put together a resource that was educational and engaging and that would be a good review of basic letter skills. 

Preschool Worksheets My First Alphabet Learning Notebook Aa Preschool Worksheets My First Alphabet Learning Notebook Bb
Each letter includes coloring, tracing, and writing as well as a fun activity. Some activities are literacy-based and ask the child to color the items that begin with a particular letter. 

Others are focused on counting and of course there are a few that give the child the opportunity to draw something with the correct beginning sound. 

And let’s not forget about fine motor practice, which is critical as preschoolers begin learning important pre-writing skills. 

The little guy loves the adorable clip art that was included and I’m sure that your little kids will too.

I created two different covers for this notebook – one color and one black and white, so that you can choose between the two.

Or if you prefer to use a three-ring binder, you’ll have a color cover for the outside and a black and white cover for the inside.

Either way, you can’t go wrong with this fun, no prep printable My First Alphabet Notebook. Your little kids will for sure have a blast with it! 

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