Free Printable Letter E Color by Number

Practice a variety of early learning skills such as number recognition, color words, and of course fine motor skills with your preschoolers and kindergartners using these Free Printable Letter E Color by Number Worksheets. Get your no-prep printable kindergarten worksheets today! 

I love learning through play and these letter E activities are all about having fun while learning. I’m excited to share all my favorite ways to learn the alphabet with printable activities and hands-on ideas too.

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Today, let’s explore letter E activities you can do at home and in the classroom. I’m going to share some of my favorite printable letter activities, hands-on letter E activities, and some great letter E resources too.

Plus, you’ll get my no-prep printable letter E color by number pages so you can build literacy and numeracy skills everywhere you go. Keep reading to get your printable letter E activities and start having fun learning the alphabet today.

Color by Number Letter Printables

I love coloring pages! They’re lots of fun for early learners, plus they make building fine motor skills and learning about colors easy. My printable color by number letter E activities make learning letters fun for everyone.

In this printable bundle, you can learn about letters, numbers, colors, and get creative too! Here’s what’s on each page in this letter E activities pack:

  • Eagle
  • Elk
  • Eel
  • Egg
  • Elephant
  • Elf
  • Envelope
  • Exercise

I don’t know about you, but I’m just filled with ideas for letter E activities that match up with each one of these color by number printables. Adding books and hands-on activities to these coloring pages is an easy way to make learning the alphabet a lot of fun!

Themed Letter E Activities

Using a theme while learning the alphabet makes it memorable and fun for everyone! Letter of the week themes are easy to organize and I’ve got some great ideas for your letter E week. Check these out:

Egg Theme

Oh all the science learning fun you can have while exploring eggs during a letter E activity! Below, you’ll find some of my favorites.

Letter Egg Hunt

You can begin by writing uppercase and lowercase letter E on plastic eggs. Write the uppercase letter on 1/2 of the egg and the lowercase letter on the other.

Then, have fun matching the egg pieces together. Another variation would be to hide the eggs and have an egg hunt! After all, egg hunts are fun all year long.

Egg Science Experiment

Have fun learning about all the different animals that come from eggs like birds and reptiles. Then conduct a fun egg experiment like this Bouncy Egg Science Experiment from Parenting Chaos. 

Process Art Egg Project

I love process art for all kinds of reasons. It’s perfect for exploring new topics. While you’re learning about letters and eggs, check out this Egg Painting process art project. 

Eggtastic Books We Love

Reading books is the very best way to increase vocabulary, practice language skills, and build print awareness too. Check out some of my favorite books about eggs:

Letter E is for Exercise

It’s important to get up and get moving. Learning doesn’t have to happen sitting down, we can move and learn at the same time! In fact, the experts say healthy physical activity isn’t just good for our bodies, it’s great for our cognitive abilities too.

While you’re learning about the letter E, check out some exercise activities you can do with your kids for even more fun at home and in the classroom. You’ll love these:

Exercise Story Time

Sharing stories about healthy exercise is a great way to encourage reluctant kiddos to join in the fun and get moving. Check out some of our favorite books about exercise for story time:

More Letter Activities

There are so many fun ways to learn every letter of the alphabet! If you’d like to see more letter activities and resources, don’t forget to check these out:

You’ll find printable letter color by number pages for all 26 letters! Plus, lots of great ideas to get you started learning the alphabet through play.

What’s your favorite alphabet learning activity? Tell me your favorite in the comment section. I can’t wait to read all about it!

Letter E Color by Number

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