Free Printable Letter B Color by Number Worksheets

Practice number recognition, beginning sounds, and fine motor skills with your little learners using these Letter B Color by Number Worksheets. Get your free printable kindergarten worksheets today!  

Today, I’m excited to share my favorite hands-on letter B activities and printable pages you can use when you’re on the go. Are you ready to learn and explore the letter B with me?

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Learning the alphabet can be easy and fun with songs, games, and letter activities. Don’t miss these letter B color by number printables for learning about the letter B, building fine motor skills, and practicing critical thinking too.

Keep reading to discover my favorite letter B activities all about bees, butterflies, bears, bananas, and more! Plus, don’t miss my printable letter B learning activity bundle.

Printable Letter B Activities

First, I want to share my new printable letter B activities with you. These printable pages are a fun and easy way you can practice letters together at home, in the classroom, and on the go. Just print these pages and grab your favorite art materials.

Crayons, markers, and colored pencils all work well for coloring these letter B printable color by number activities. Plus, kids can build problem-solving skills and learn about colors while they work. Color by number letter B activities don’t feel like worksheets, because they’re a lot of fun!

I love completing coloring pages and printable activities like these on rainy days or in the car on a road trip. They’re also great for keeping busy while you wait at appointments, offices, or restaurants.

Included in this bundle, you’ll get a butterfly color by number page, a banana color by number page, a bee color by number page, a bear color by number page, a bat color by number page, and more.

Keep reading to get your Free Printable Letter B Color by Number Worksheets today!

Hands-On Letter Fun

Hands-on letter B activities are the perfect way to learn and explore phonics and letters as you memorize the alphabet and build literacy skills too. Check out some of my favorite hands-on ways to learn and explore the letter B even when you’re on the go.

Letter B Sensory Bins

Sensory bins are a multisensory learning experience that’s great for kids of all ages! These hands-on letter B activities will give you an opportunity to learn all about letters with all your senses too. You can fill your sensory bin with your favorite medium. Some of my favorites include crinkle paper, pompoms, and colored sand. 

Add capital and lowercase letters to your sensory bin or choose items that begin with the letter B to add to your activity bin. I like writing the letter B lots of different ways, using foam letters and letter magnets, or small plastic figures for my letter sensory bins.

Letter B Art Collage

One of my favorite letter B activities is a fun art project that uses recycled materials. For this letter B activity, you’ll need old magazines or advertisements you can cut up, scissors, glue, and construction paper or poster board. After choosing a paper or poster board for your collage, you can get started identifying things that start with the letter B in the old magazines.

Then, build fine motor skills by cutting out your favorites and pasting them to the construction paper to form your very own alphabet art collage. In the end, your collage will feature lots of different words that begin with the letter B like blueberry, banana, bear, and ball. It’s a creative way to build phonics skills and learn letters.

Letter B Seek and Find

Do you need to get those wiggles out? Then you’ll love this letter B activity! You can play hide and seek with the letter B!

Write the letter B on several note cards and hide them around your home or yard. Then, seek and find all the letters together for a perfect rainy day activity!

Another variation is to search for the letter B on signs in your neighborhood. You can get outdoors and walk around your community searching for the letter B everywhere you go. It’s also a great way to keep busy and have fun when you’re stuck in the car running errands or on a road trip.

Letter B Color by Number

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