Free Printable How to Fly a Kite Spring Sequencing Worksheets

Explore sequencing and fine motor skills with your preschoolers and kindergartners this spring using these Free Printable How to Fly a Kite Spring Sequencing Worksheets. Get your no-prep printable sequencing worksheets today! 

Kite Spring Sequencing Worksheets with text: Spring Preschool Theme Free Printable Spring SequencingUnleash the spirit of spring with a kite-flying sequencing activity for kids! Your little learners will get excited about all kinds of learning fun as they explore kites and kite flying through hands-on play, creative art projects, and more. Combine the joy of creation with the thrill of flying a kite through the clouds this spring.

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Flying kites is a traditional spring activity that’s tons of fun and filled with imagination! Kids will love learning about how to fly a kite with my printable sequence activities. Then, put those skills to the test by flying kites with your kids for outdoor fun that encourages STEAM learning, coordination, and motor skills.

It’s the perfect way to celebrate Kite Day with kids this Spring. Keep reading to discover my printable kite flying activity and more!

Celebrate Kite Day with Kids

Kite Day is a celebration or event all about flying kites. Many communities host kite-flying events throughout the season. In the absence of a local Kite Day, organize one for your preschool classroom or celebrate Family Kite Day together. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy warmer spring weather and encourage outdoor play with your children.

Events for the day can include kite-making workshops, kite-flying contests, and kite-flying sequencing activities. Bring everyone together to share the joy of learning to fly a kite by celebrating Kite Day with kids of all ages! Check out some of my favorite ways to celebrate Kite Day below.


I love reading aloud to little learners! It’s the very best way to encourage literacy skills and help kids fall in love with books. These are some excellent Kite Day picture books to read together this spring:

Go Fly a Kite

The best way to celebrate Kite Day is to go fly a kite together! Flying a kite is tons of fun and filled with ways to practice important skills with your little learners. This activity will help kids master gross motor skills as they maneuver kites and run with them, developing coordination and a strong sense of balance.

Additionally, flying a kite together can help young children practice having patience and foster determination as they learn to control the kite’s movements. Best of all, it’s an activity you’ll both remember for a lifetime! 


Learning the steps for flying a kite, or any new activity, can be challenging. There’s a lot to remember and it’s easy to get mixed up or forget a step. Use my printable kite flying sequencing activity to help your children remember all the steps before they try flying a kite of their own. 

Putting the steps in order with these adorable visual step-by-step instructions will increase your child’s retention and make it easier to fly a kite together when they’re ready. Plus, it’s a fun way to build fine motor skills and practice sequencing at home or in the classroom.

My Kite Flying Sequencing Worksheets

My printable kite flying sequencing worksheets are so easy to use with preschoolers and kindergartners. There’s almost no prep for teachers or parents and they’re filled with opportunities for learning and fun! Your little ones will enjoy the adorable visuals in each step and it’s great practice for them to put steps in chronological order.

What’s Included

With my kite flying sequencing worksheets, you’ll get a printable 4-step sequencing activity that gives kids the opportunity to practice following step-by-step instructions, using ordinal words, putting numbers in order, and developing critical fine motor skills.

Benefits of Sequencing

This printable sequencing activity has tons of benefits! Use this fun printable worksheet to enhance critical thinking skills as children put the steps in order. Then, watch as they plan out how they’ll fly their kites when the time comes.

This sequencing printable is a great way to explore cause and effect with kids too. Talk about what would happen if you began to run before letting out the string and why it’s important to follow steps in chronological order.

Participating in fun activities like this kite flying sequencing activity helps preschoolers develop confidence and learn how to break big tasks into smaller manageable goals they can master successfully. Plus, it’s a great way to build retention as they recall every step in order. 

#1 Tip for Flying Kites with Kids

If you want to have a fun and successful day kite flying, remember the #1 tip for flying kites with kids: choose a big open area. Locations with minimal obstacles like trees, buildings, or playground equipment make flying a kite easier and safer. 

Opt for areas with smooth ground to decrease the potential for tripping and falling. Wide open spaces also reduce the risk of a kite becoming tangled or stuck in a tree or bush, ensuring a frustration-free experience that’s tons of fun for both you and your child.

More Kite Flying Fun for Little Learners

There are so many fun things to learn about with kids as you explore kite flying! Check out more of my kite-flying fun for little learners below.

What’s your favorite way to learn about clouds, wind, and kites with preschool and kindergarten kiddos? Share your favorite activities for celebrating Kite Day with kids in the comments. I can’t wait to read your great ideas and try a few of your favorites with my kids too!

Kite Spring Sequencing Worksheets

collage of printable How to Fly a Kite Spring Sequencing Worksheets

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Free Printable Kite Spring Sequencing Worksheets with text: Spring Preschool Theme Free Printable Spring Sequencing

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