Kindergarten Worksheets

If you’re looking for kindergarten worksheets, then you’re definitely going to want to take a look around. On this page, you’ll find tons of printable worksheets covering lots of important kindergarten skills. There are math & literacy worksheets and of course fine motor practice too.

kindergarten worksheets with text: Kindergarten Worksheets Letters Numbers Seasons Holidays 50+ Kindergarten PrintablesYour little kids will definitely love this growing collection of no-prep printable kindergarten worksheets. So many awesome ones to choose from! Don’t forget to check out the sequencing worksheets and the life cycle worksheets. You’ll definitely be glad you did!

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Seasons Kindergarten Worksheets

Fall Kindergarten Worksheets

From apples and scarecrows to owls and pumpkins, these free printable fall kindergarten worksheets sure do have it all!

Find lots of favorites to practice math and literacy, fine motor, creative thinking, and even problem-solving skills with little to no prep.

  • These adorable free printable owl Ten Frame Worksheets are a great way to practice counting and number recognition in a fun and hands-on way!
  • Teaching kindergartners sight words is no easy task, but these fun Color by Sight Word Fall Kindergarten Worksheets make the job a bit less daunting.
  • If your little kids love to draw and write, these Free Printable Fall Directed Drawing activities will be absolutely perfect. First, draw the picture. Then write a story or poem about fall. Best of all, there are prompts already included on each fall drawing for kids free printable.
  • Practice hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills with these Free Printable Fall Mazes. Your kindergarten learners will have a great time learning about acorns, pumpkins, apples, and leaves.
  • These Free Printable Fall Drawing Worksheets are perfect for practicing important fine motor skills while learning about Fall.

Winter Kindergarten Worksheets

Winter is such a beautiful time of the year. After all, building a snowman and sledding down hills are definitely favorite pastimes for our little learners.

These printables are sure to provide lots of winter-themed learning fun!

  • What kiddo doesn’t love learning sight words by coloring? These Color by Sight Word Winter Kindergarten Worksheets are just the cutest! We love them and that’s we made them for every season.
  • Are you looking for a winter-themed way to practice drawing writing with your kindergarten learners? These Free Printable Winter Directed Drawing activities are exactly what you’re looking for!
  • Encourage problem-solving and fine motor skills with these Free Printable Winter Mazes. Your kindergartners will have a wonderful time solving these no-prep printable mazes.

Spring Kindergarten Worksheets

New beginnings. Baby Animals. And of course a few favorite holidays too! Spring is definitely the time of year that we look forward to the most.

Learn important skills that your kindergarten learners need to know using these quick and easy no-prep printables.

Summer Kindergarten Worksheets

Who doesn’t love summer? Hot days. Vacations. Who can resist spending time at the pool or building sandcastles on the beach?

These printable kindergarten worksheets are a fun and engaging way to keep little kids learning over summer break!

  • Of course, we had to finish out the year with these whimsical Color by Sight Word Summer Kindergarten Worksheets. Such a great, hands-on way for kindergartners to learn sight words.
  • Looking for drawing and writing activities for your little kids? These Free Printable Summer Directed Drawing worksheets are exactly that. Learn to draw fun spring pictures and then write a story or poem about each one.

Holiday Kindergarten Worksheets

Back to School Kindergarten Worksheets

Back to school is a great time to use fun and hands-on activities to get your kindergarten learners excited about the school year ahead.

Halloween Kindergarten Worksheets

Does the idea of celebrating Halloween excite you and your kindergarten students? If so, then these kindergarten worksheets are for you!

Thanksgiving Kindergarten Worksheets

There are so many things to be thankful for and being able to teach kindergarten math and literacy skills in a fun and engaging way is definitely on that list.

Christmas Kindergarten Worksheets

Christmas is such a magical time of the year and these no-prep printable kindergarten worksheets are sure to add a little holiday pizzazz to your December lesson plans!

  • Wrap up the year with these no-prep Color by Sight Word Christmas Kindergarten Worksheets. Practice lots of high-frequency words in Christmas style with these cute holiday-themed printables!
  • Ten Frames are great for subitizing skills. Basically, being able to look at something and instantly know how many. Grab these Free Printable Reindeer Ten Frame Kindergarten Worksheets and start practicing today!
  • Grab these Free Printable Christmas Mazes and practice hand-eye coordination and problem-solving with your little learners in a fun and hands-on way!

100th Day Kindergarten Worksheets

The 100th Day of School is a really big deal for your kindergarten-aged learners! After all, 100 days is over halfway through the school year. Celebrate this huge milestone with these no-prep printable activities.

  • Practice important early math skills with these Free Printable 100 Chart Kindergarten Worksheets. There are several different options for 100 charts to fit your little learners’ individual needs.
  • Encourage number sense and fine motor skills using these Color by Number 100th Day Kindergarten Worksheets. These no-prep printables are a wonderful way to give your kindergartners lots of extra practice.

Valentine’s Day Kindergarten Worksheets

Valentine’s Day is a truly fun-filled holiday for kindergarten learners. And let’s not forget there are tons of important early math and literacy skills that come from making and exchanging valentines. What more could you ask for as a kindergarten teacher or homeschool mama?

St. Patrick’s Day Kindergarten Worksheets

These St. Patrick’s Day kindergarten worksheets will help your little kids get excited about this festive Irish holiday!

Easter Kindergarten Worksheets

Little kids love the magic of holidays like Easter. Between the Easter bunny and holiday egg hunts, there’s no end to the Easter fun that kids can have! Don’t forget to add a few fun Easter printables too!

  • Give your kindergarten learners a few of these fun Easter-themed Free Printable Color by Sight Word Easter Kindergarten Worksheets and watch the magic happen. They’ll have a blast coloring bunnies and eggs all day long.

Patriotic Kindergarten Worksheets

Celebrate the 4th of July, Memorial Day, or even the election with these quick and easy no-prep patriotic kindergarten worksheets!

Sequencing Worksheets for Kindergartners

Sequencing printables help kids practice putting events in order, story sequencing, and build important reading comprehension skills too. Don’t forget to check out my entire collection of Sequencing Worksheets for preschoolers and kindergartners.

Kindergarten Life Cycles Worksheets

Life Cycle Worksheets are another great way to explore nature, sequencing, and so much more with your kindergarten learners. Grab one or all of these free printable kindergarten worksheets today!

kindergarten worksheets with text: Kindergarten Worksheets Letters Numbers Seasons Holidays 50+ Kindergarten PrintablesA/An Kindergarten Worksheets

Knowing when to use articles (in this case, a and an) is an important skill for little kids to master. These Free Printable A & An Worksheets for Kindergarten give kids a fun, hands-on way to practice this concept. Grab a few dot markers and get started today!

A An Worksheets for Kindergarten 1 A An Worksheets for Kindergarten 2 A An Worksheets for Kindergarten 3
Nature Kindergarten Worksheets

These fun Nature Kindergarten Worksheets are a great activity to start out the school year. Take kindergarten math outside and use nature items to practice counting, number recognition, and more.

Counting Nature Items Worksheet with leaves, clouds, flowers, and sun Counting Nature Items Worksheet with mushrooms, clouds, tree, and seeds

kindergarten worksheets with text: Kindergarten Worksheets Letters Numbers Seasons Holidays 50+ Kindergarten PrintablesPhonics Kindergarten Worksheets

Letter recognition and early phonics skills are the foundation of learning to read. Practice these critical skills and more using the Phonics Worksheets for Kindergartners listed below.

Letter Recognition Practice for Pre-K/Kindergarten

These Alphabet Kindergarten Worksheets are a great way to practice letter recognition. You can use these 26 worksheets to practice identifying capital letters with your little kids!

  • Letter Recognition
  • Capital Letters

My favorite little product tester loved these Dot the Letter Activity Sheets! We printed the worksheets, picked a few dot markers and got to work.

Kindergarten Worksheets Dot the Letter A Kindergarten Worksheets Dot the Letter B Kindergarten Worksheets Dot the Letter C
Remember, these printable worksheets focus on capital letters.

Check out these other awesome ideas for little kids!

  • Find lots of quick and easy no-prep printable Preschool Worksheets!
  • This list is full of Free Coloring Pages to practice fine motor skills with your kindergarten learners.
  • Explore creative thinking and problem-solving skills with these fun and engaging Process Art activities.
  • Can’t get enough preschool and kindergarten worksheets? Check out my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

Don’t forget to leave a comment and share which kindergarten skills and themes you’d like to see printables for!

kindergarten worksheets with text: Kindergarten Worksheets Letters Numbers Seasons Holidays 50+ Kindergarten Printables