5 Craft Room Hacks to Keep Your Supplies Perfectly Organized All the Time

These craft room hacks are perfect for keeping your supplies organized all the time. You’re definitely not going to want to miss them!

embellishments organized in clear jars with text title: 5 Craft Room Hacks to Keep Your Supplies Perfectly Organized All the TimeSo you’ve finally managed to organize your craft room, but you’re really not sure how to keep it that way. Sound familiar? Not too long ago, someone asked me that exact question. Frankly, it’s something so many creative mamas struggle with, me included.

First, you spend weeks or even months organizing your craft room. Then, how do you keep it that way? In this article, I’m going to tell you what to do with new supplies, how to make sure you’ve got room to grow your stash, and how often to clean up your ongoing projects.

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There are lots of decisions to make, but I’m here to help. Keep reading to discover five craft room hacks that will keep your supplies perfectly organized ALL the time.

The craft room hacks I’m about to share with you will give you perspective as you answer these and similar questions about your own creative space. What works for me won’t necessarily work for everyone.

Take some time to evaluate your own process and figure out what makes sense for you and the way you create.

Make It Routine

Did you know adding something to your daily routine is the best way to make it a habit? As you complete the same tasks or actions in the same order, the tasks become habits. What’s the best thing about a habit? You don’t have to tell yourself to do it. No reminders needed, because it’s something you automatically do.

Having a routine when it comes to organizing your craft room is an excellent hack to establish. Consider cleaning up after each project or filing new purchases on a certain day of the week. Over time, these routines will become habits and your craft room will stay more organized with less effort.

Purge Regularly

Think about it: how long did it take to purge your craft supplies the first time? I don’t know about you, but it took me weeks! Doing a quick purge of your supply on a regular basis not only helps create the routine I mentioned earlier, but it saves time later.

Ask yourself:

  • Did I just buy more embellishments (replace with your craft supply of choice)?
  • Will I use all of these? Will I use any of these?

If you have more than you will use or if you’re holding on to supplies you no longer think you need, it might be time to let them go. Plus, it will save you time later and create more space for new supplies you’d like to add now.

Everything In Its Place

When you’re organizing your craft room, remember this third craft room hack: you should be giving every tool and supply a home of its own. using your supplies and tools, always return them to their proper place right away. Letting things pile up will only cause stress and overwhelm later, which is not how you want to feel in your craft room.

Try not to let things pile up. I know how difficult that can be, but giving everything a place to belong as you organize your craft room is a hack that will pay dividends later.

Do not let things pile up. If you store craft supplies in closed boxes or drawers, label them so you don’t forget what you put inside. It is much faster to check the outside of marked storage boxes, rather than pulling boxes down from a shelf, opening them, and looking inside.

Don’t forget to leave room to grow.

Clean As You Go

The fourth craft room hack: don’t make a mess and walk away. You’ll thank me later.

It can be tempting to leave everything out, particularly if you aren’t quite finished with a craft project. However, don’t give in to the temptation. You may think it will make it easier to come back to your craft if all the supplies are out, but most of the time that only creates a mess that will make you feel less motivated to go back.

Clean up after every page or project, so that your craft room stays organized and you’re more motivated and inspired each time you sit down to create.

Less Is More

I promise it’s true. The fewer supplies you have to manage, the easier it will be to stay organized.

Be mindful of what you’re bringing into your craft room. Think about what you’re actually using. Don’t let it get to the point of being overwhelming.

If you follow these 5 craft room hacks, you’ll have a perfectly organized craft room all the time. Want more help getting organized and staying that way?

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