3+ Quick & Easy Ice Activities for Little Kids

Cool off with your little kids! Here are a few quick & easy ideas for ice activities! Explore sound with ice, learn about color mixing, and even make some fun ice painting process art! You’re definitely going to want to check out these wonderful ideas!

It’s been all kinds of hot around here lately. Yay for August, right? And we’ve been spending lots of time doing ice activities. Today I’m sharing a few quick and easy ice activities that we’ve done this summer.

collage of ice activities with text: 3+ Quick & Easy Ice Activities for PreschoolersAnd you know what? I’m willing to bet that your little kids will have a blast with each and every one of them.

We’ve explored sound, learned about color mixing, and even made some fun ice painting process art on more than one occasion.

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Grab some ice cube trays* and food coloring* and let’s get started!

Ice Painting for Little Kids
colored ice slowly melting onto plastic tray

Paint with ice! Here’s a fun process art activity for preschoolers! Which color ice will you paint with? How does the ice feel? What happens when the ice melts on your paper? How does it look? What does your painting remind you of?

large plastic container filled with colored ice, spoons, spatula, and plastic beaker
Ice Sounds Investigation Station for Little Kids

Check out this fun Investigation Station exploring sound with ice! What sounds can ice make? What does that sound remind you of? What happens if the ice gets wet? Can you use your hands to make ice sounds? Answer these questions and more!

tray with small small dishes filled with with colored ice cubes
Color Mixing STEAM for Little Kids

Here’s a fun STEAM Station to teach little kids about color mixing! How could you make colored water? What happens when you put more same-colored ice cubes in a container? How can you make purple? Green? Orange? What happens if you drop all three colors in the water?

I hope that you and your little kids enjoy these fun ice activities!

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collage of ice activities with text: 3+ Quick & Easy STEAM Ideas with Colored Ice