How to Teach Sequencing to Preschoolers

Need some preschool homeschool ideas on how to teach sequencing skills? I’ve got you covered! Today, I’m sharing my secrets on how to teach sequencing to preschoolers. Plus my favorite sequencing worksheets for kids too!

How to Make A Banana Split sequencing printable with text: How To Teach Sequencing SkillsYou’re going to love these hands-on activities and games for sequencing fun with your preschool learners this year. These real-world opportunities are the perfect way to teach sequencing to preschoolers and help them master this important executive functioning skill.

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Plus, I’m sharing all my favorite free printable sequencing activities and worksheets for preschool too. These easy no-prep printables for kids are the perfect way to teach sequencing in the preschool classroom or at home.

Keep reading to try our favorite sequencing activities and printables!

How Do You Explain Sequencing to Preschoolers?

Sequencing is the ability to arrange language, thoughts, information, and actions in a certain order. The ability to sequence depends heavily on the development of executive functioning skills like attention, organization, planning, and working memory.

Sequencing is all about arranging and ordering thoughts, information, objects, or actions in a certain way. The ability to organize and order these things is an executive functioning skill.

Our preschoolers will need strong executive functioning skills, including attention, organization, planning, and memory throughout their lives.

Remember, simple sequencing skills taught in preschool can help your preschoolers become more successful, not just academically, but in all kinds of important ways. You can help your preschoolers build these skills with games, activities, and free printables.

When teaching sequencing, it’s always a good idea to begin with first and last. It’s much easier to determine objects and events in order if you can establish first and last. Then, once your preschoolers have mastered ordering first and last, you can add a third object or event.

I’ve created easy printables and activities you can use with your preschoolers to explore sequencing and ordering objects and events with three and four items for children to put in order.

You can use these free printable sequencing activities together with your lessons on sequencing this school year.

Sequencing Games and Activities for Preschool

There are lots of fun hands-on ways to teach sequencing to your preschoolers this year too! Check out some of our favorite sequencing games and activities for little learners to get you started:

Follow a Recipe

The benefits of spending time in the kitchen with your kids are enormous! It’s the perfect preschool homeschool idea for teaching sequencing this year. Since recipes require following steps in order to achieve the desired result, they make a great real-world lesson on sequencing that your preschoolers won’t forget. Plus, you might even get dinner out of the deal!

Picture Schedule

Picture schedules are ideal for little learners. They help kids to see what’s coming next and foster independence throughout the day. You can use picture schedules with your daily routines to teach sequencing too.

For example, a picture schedule for washing hands is a great way to help your preschoolers remember the steps while learning about sequencing and completing tasks in order too. Try a handwashing chart with steps in sequence to get started.

Growing a Garden

Although not a quick lesson, growing a garden together with your preschoolers is a fantastic way to teach sequencing too. Talk about how plants grow from seeds, what steps you must take along the way to help them, and watch in real-time as your flowers and herbs grow.

You can use books like Gail Gibbons’ From Seed to Plant* to help illustrate the process for your little learners along the way. Don’t miss the flower sequencing activity that’s included in my 3-Step Sequencing Worksheets for even more fun sequencing practice at home or in the classroom.

Free Printable Sequencing Activities for Preschoolers

If you’re looking for printable sequencing activities your preschoolers will love that don’t require lots of prep and planning, you’ve come to the right place! They’re full of fun ways to teach sequencing.

You can use my printable sequencing worksheets to practice these important skills with your kids right at home. It’s the perfect preschool homeschool idea for sequence skill building! Check out some of the cute themes available in these printable sequencing activities for preschoolers:

Don’t forget to check my Sequencing Worksheets page for even more fun sequencing opportunities and activities for your preschoolers this year. It’s filled with cute clip art and great practice!

Do you have an awesome resource for teaching sequencing in your preschool homeschool this year? Share your favorites in the comments. I can’t wait to try them with my little learners too!