How to Teach Measuring to Preschoolers

Need some preschool homeschool ideas on how to teach measuring skills? I’ve got you covered! Today, I’m sharing my secrets on how to teach measurement to preschoolers. Plus my favorite measuring printables and activities for kids too!

translucent rulers with text overlay: How to Teach Measuring SkillsMeasuring is something children are naturally interested in. Attempting to measure and order the world around them is one way that kids can work to develop an understanding of numbers and objects in the world around them.

Introducing the concept of measurement to preschoolers can be a lot of fun with hands-on activities and preschool worksheets. There are lots of awesome benefits to teaching measurement to preschoolers.

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Whether you’re exploring non-standard measurement or teaching standard measurement, learning these skills is a great way to help your preschoolers prepare for higher-level math.

Keep reading to discover some of my favorite hands-on measurement activities. Plus, get printable no-prep measurement activities for preschoolers.

Benefits of Teaching Measurement to Preschoolers

Measurement is important to children because it provides a way to order and quantify the world around us. This helps preschoolers develop a deeper understanding.

You can build on your preschoolers’ ability to order objects by showing them that objects can be measured. Teaching your preschooler about standard and non-standard measurements is a great beginning to early math skills and problem-solving. 

Introducing and teaching measurement to preschoolers helps them to grasp these early skills of ordering and quantifying. They’ll later build on this as they solve more complex equations and higher-level math.

So how do you introduce the concept of measurement? How can you keep it fun and exciting for your preschoolers?

How do you introduce the concept of measurement? 

There are many ways you can begin teaching measurement to preschoolers. Starting with ordering objects according to non-standard measurements is a great beginning for little learners. 

Have fun exploring small, big, and medium with your preschoolers or measuring objects using non-standard measurements. For example, how many jelly beans long is your pencil?

How do you teach preschoolers to measure? Many teachers choose to begin with measuring length. You can give each of your little learners a ruler and teach them to measure using inches or centimeters. 

Check out these books all about measurement for more learning teaching measurement to preschoolers:

How do you teach measurement the fun way? 

Teaching measurement to preschoolers can be a lot of fun! You can use hands-on measurement activities to help your preschoolers explore measuring and master these new concepts together this year. 

Need a measuring activity for preschoolers your kids will love? Keep reading to discover some of my favorite printable preschool measurement activities and hands-on measurement activities too.

Teaching Measurement to Preschoolers with Hands-on Measurement Activities

Hands-on measurement activities are perfect for kinesthetic learners who need to practice concepts in a tangible way. Plus, these hands-on activities will help your preschoolers master these new concepts with ease! Check out some of my favorite preschool measurement activities:

Water Experiment for Kids

Your preschoolers will have so much fun exploring volume with this measurement activity and experiment. In this Water Experiment for Kids, your little learners can explore raising and lowering the water level in these beakers. Plus, begin reading measurements too. 

Measuring Perimeter with Candy

In this fun measurement activity for preschoolers, your kids can explore non-standard measurement and measuring perimeter with a tasty treat to enjoy at the end. Give each child a box of candy and several shapes to measure. Then, encourage preschoolers to use their candy to measure the sides of the shape. 

Finally, record your candy measurements and enjoy a sweet little treat. It’s a fun preschool measurement activity your little learners won’t forget.

Printable Preschool Measurement Activities Make Learning Easy & Fun

Preschool measurement activities don’t have to take lots of prep time or planning. Teaching measurement to preschoolers can be easy and fun with my printable preschool measurement activities. You can use these grab-and-go activities to teach measuring and build fine motor skills like cutting and pasting with your little learners too.

Check out some of my favorite printable preschool measurement activities to make learning easy and fun with your kids this year: 

Measuring can be a lot of fun! Give your preschoolers rulers and turn them loose in the house or classroom to measure objects and record what they discover. Along the way, they’ll be learning measuring in a fun hands-on way. 

Then, keep teaching measurement to preschoolers with fun themed printables in the classroom and at home. Don’t forget to share your favorite ways to introduce measurement to preschoolers in the comments. I’d love to try some of your ideas with my little learners too!