How to Make An Art Cart for Your Little Kids

Here’s a quick & easy idea for making an art cart for your little kids! They’ll love being able to move around as they’re making stuff and you’ll love how easy it is to organize it all!

collage of art cart images with text: How To Make An Art Cart for Little KidsThe little guy and I have been having so much fun lately! We’ve been working hard on all sorts of projects in the studio. One of them was of course making an art cart for him.

You know, because his stuff was getting kinda unruly and he likes to move around between a few different workspaces. Why am I not surprised? Lol…

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rolling cart filled with art supplies for kids
Making an art cart for little kids was such a quick & easy DIY project. We ended up grabbing a cart from our local craft store, but I founds lots of awesome ones online for y’all to check out too!

First things first, we gathered up all of the kids art supplies and gave everything a good wipe-down. We also scavenged around the house for little containers to organize stuff into.

art cart made from a rolling cart
We ended up finding all kinds of stuff to use including, but not limited to, small galvanized pails, clear acrylic cups, a metal tray, and some plastic jars.

several cups filled with crayons, markers and scissors organized in an art cart
There really wasn’t much rhyme or reason to what went where except I tried to keep everything that was open on the top tray. So basically all of the markers, pencils, and such are organized into containers based on supply type. Ditto his scissors and glue sticks.

art supplies organized in an art cart
The next tray included some crafty things that we purchased to work on as well as all of his dot markers and beads and string. I stumbled across Perler beads at one point and grabbed a set for him as well.

boxes of crayons, markers and colored pencils organized in an art cart
And last, but not least, all things Crayola and Faber-Castell found new homes on the bottom tray. Most of those items are still in the packaging, but I’d like to eventually do away with it. For right now though, it works.

Either way, the little guy is loving being able to roll his cart around to wherever he’s at and make stuff. Sometimes, he sits with me at my desk and other times he ends up sprawled out at the big table, working on a few different projects simultaneously.

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collage of art cart images with text: How to Organize Art Supplies for Little Kids