How I Organized My Entire Creative Space

When I was organizing my creative space a few years ago, I spent endless hours on Pinterest looking for ideas and inspiration.

I created a half-dozen or so boards filled with all of the latest and greatest organizational finds. Anything and everything I thought I could ever possibly want got pinned.

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And you know what? I still love looking at all of those amazing creative spaces.

collage of organized craft room images with text: How I Organized My Entire Creative SpaceI’m really close to starting all over again. If you’ve been around for a while, you know that we’re just about finished with the studio project and I’m of course so excited that I can barely contain myself.

All these years and I finally get a blank canvas to work with.

Can you believe it? This is where you imagine me jumping up and down and spinning around in circles. And because organizing makes me giddy, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite ideas. Here’s how I organized my entire creative space.

three black bookcases containing books and scrapbooking supplies organized in pink and black baskets


Paper is in Cropper Hopper paper organizers* and it has been for years. It’s so easy to flip through and find exactly what I’m looking for. I have 15 Cropper Hoppers overflowing with patterned paper and 12 of the mini Cropper Hoppers that are keeping tabs on my cardstock.

12x12 patterned paper organized in Cropper Hopper paper holders lined up on a shelf


I keep scraps in Iris cases*. If it’s smaller than 12×12, it’s considered a scrap.

Iris storage units filled with paper scraps


Embellishments are scattered. There are some in muffin tins* as well as a few other miscellaneous containers that have managed to find their way into my space.

muffin tin filled with small embellishments


All of my alphas are hanging out in my Raskog cart. This is the absolute best $50 I’ve ever spent. You can find similar carts at Michael’s. Thickers are in the bottom tray.

rolling cart filled with stickers

Non-Alpha Stickers and Rub-Ons

Non-alpha stickers are in the top tray of the Raskog cart. Rub-ons are on a jump ring, hanging on the closet door.

Ribbon, Fiber, and Thread

I keep all of my ribbon in jars. It’s quick and easy to get to. It looks awesome too.

clear glass jars filled with ribbon


I almost always keep stamps in baskets so that I can find what I need.

two wicker baskets filled with unmounted stamps

Ink, Ink Pads, and Embossing Supplies

Ink, ink pads, and embossing supplies are on the infamous black bookcases in baskets. Mists are on a 2-tier serving tray.

tiered serving tray filled with inks and mists

Paint, Glitter, and Stickles

Most of my art supplies are in baskets on the infamous black bookcases. I like being able to find what I need quickly and just toss it back in when I’m done.


Tools are all over the place – just like embellishments. The tools that I use the most are in a dish on my desk.

clear dish filled with scrapbooking supplies


There are some chipboard letters in a basket on the infamous black bookcases. There are chipboard sheets up on the top shelf in the closet.

dish filled with chipboard, metal and wood veneer shapes

Die Cuts

Die cuts are in these photo cases* as well as in the middle tray of the Raskog cart.

clear photo cases filled with ephemera

Pens and Pencils

Some are in the dish on my desk. And there are two little baskets on the infamous black bookcases that have all of my most-used art journaling pens and pencils in them.

Project Life Supplies

A lot of my Project Life supplies are still in their original boxes. What I’m currently using is organized in this awesome little tray.

metal tray filled with organized Project Life supplies
If there’s anything else you’re interested in knowing about how I organized in my creative space, definitely leave a comment.

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