Homeschool Room, Playroom & Craft Room (2019) + Video

Check out how one creative mama put together an awesome multipurpose space. It’s a homeschool room, playroom, and craft room in one! You’re definitely not going to want to miss it!

It’s that time of the year again! I’m sharing pictures of the studio.

collage of craft room and homeschool room images with text: Craft Room Organization Ideas for the FamilyBasically, it’s our creative space & learning place. Our homeschool room, playroom, and craft space and my little kids and I spend a ridiculous amount of time in here.

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Right now, I work from home, so when I’m working, this is of course where we’re all hanging out.

Craft Room

My craft space is approximately half of the studio. I say approximately because it seems that two little kids are very quickly taking over. Lol…

art journaling supplies organized on craft workspace
This is my main workspace and where I make stuff. The white cabinet is full of sequins and other jewel-type embellisments.

The other organizers are of course paints and Copics. If you look closely, you can totally see all of my distress inks out too. I like having them where I can see them.

divided tray containing small embellishments
The white tray is full of miscellaneous embellishments. Basically lots of little bits and pieces that I’ve collected over the years.

wood veneers organized in embroidery floss box
The two embroidery floss organizers* are home to all of my wood veneers and, at least for the moment, the little guy’s beads are on top of them.

shared craft room featuring wooden table and chairs and various shelves containing craft supplies
This is what my craft space looks like as a whole. The two wire shelves on either side of my main workspace are where I store most of my craft supplies.

rolling cart filled with blocks in front of wire shelf containing craft supplies organized in various baskets and containersThe Iris cases on the baker’s rack are where I store all of my patterned paper, solid cardstock, and most of my kits & collections. The galvanized bins* are full of mini albums and chipboard pieces.

The Iris cases* are scrapbooking supplies organized by theme or category. And you can see the three white baskets are full of toys for my little kids to play with.

bible journaling supplies organized on rolling cartI keep my bible journaling supplies on a cart, which I usually roll wherever I need to.

rolling carts in front of wire shelf filled with craft supplies
This wire cart* is where all of my sewing & quilting supplies are and the sewing machine is on top of it. The Raskog cart is full of Thickers and letter stickers.

The wire shelf is the majority of my embellishments. Everything is sorted by type of supply and stored in these hot pink, black, and graphic baskets.

watercolors in clear plastic container
I’m slowly transitioning to these Iris clear containers* because I like being able to see what’s inside each of them at a glance. This particular one is where I keep all of my watercolors.

wire shelf containing several plastic containers filled with organized craft supplies
This wire shelf is a bit more mixed up. Lol… On the top is the little guy’s bead supplies and our Tinker and STEAM crates. Below those are quite a few of those clear containers full of various mixed media & art journaling supplies.

wire shelf containing several plastic containers filled with supplies, stamps in soda crate and stacked Project Life kitsStamps are in the soda crate and chipboard/canvas is right beside it. The bottom shelf includes all of my Project Life supplies.

You can also see our nature basket sitting on the floor and some other odds and ends that belong to the little guy.

rolling cart and wire rack next to cube shelves filled with planners and art supplies
The 10-drawer rolling cart* is full of random homeschool stuff and the two magazine holders on top are activity-type books.

This is probably the most cluttered area in the entire studio. Planners that I’ve worked on over the years, homeschool mama supplies, and sensory materials. We also have lots of kids’ art kits and quite a collection of Toob animals.

craft room featuring wooden table and chairs with desk containing laptops and printer
Like seriously, y’all! Our homeschool room is for sure lived in. Our last preschool monthly theme is still sitting on the table along with all of the little guy’s artwork.

collage of organizing ideas for craft and homeschool rooms with text: Craft & Homeschool Room Ideas for the FamilyHomeschool Room

Alright, so… We’re moving on to the little guy’s homeschool room. First, check out the books!

cube shelves filled with children's books
Be still my homeschool mama heart. That’s all I have to say about that. I love me some good books and so does the little guy. Obviously, right? We’ve accumulated so many!

rolling cart and basket of board books in front of cube bookshelves filled with children's books
All of the board books are in the wicker basket. The 10-drawer rolling cart* is all of the little guy’s interlocking blocks organized by color. Early readers are organized on top.  I love having all of our books in our homeschool room.

rolling cart filled with homeschool suppliesThe pink cart is odds and ends that we’re still using every day. Ziggy is out because occasionally he visits with All About Reading Level 1 and our paint Stix and some other stuff that I like to keep handy. Totally random, I know.

wicker basket filled with books
This cute woven basket sits on my desk and it’s where we’ve been keeping our morning basket type stuff. The little guy’s Latin, nature study, and writing along with some other stuff are organized in here.

children's play area with sensory table and stools as well as various shelves containing toys and games
We keep craft supplies, manipulatives, and sensory materials on the cube shelves. The white basket in front is our current Math and Language Arts curriculum. The Ikea Trofast is basically our STEAM Station. We have lots of blocks and building materials. And most of our picture books are in the baskets.

rolling cart filled with art suppliesHere’s the little guy’s art cart. These are the art supplies that he can get out and put away on his own. There are lots of crayons, markers, and colored pencils in the cups and galvanized pails.

sensory table in children's play area surrounded by shelves filled with toys, puzzles and games
Our Ikea Flisat Children’s Table is a dream come true. We use it as a sensory table. There’s always something fun in there for the little guy to explore.

child's play area featuring sensory table and several shelves filled with toys
And of course, these three white bookcases are where we keep all of our educational puzzles and games. The little guy can always find exactly what he needs

Our homeschool room is definitely all kinds of awesome, don’t ya think? I can’t wait to see how our craft space and homeschool room evolves over the course of the next year.

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Thanks so much for visiting. Have an awesome week!

collage of organizing ideas for craft and homeschool rooms with text: How To Make An Awesome Art/Homeschool Space

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