Homeschool Crafts for Kids – Art & Craft Ideas That Are Perfect for Read-Aloud Time

Check out this list of Homeschool Crafts for Kids. Get creative with your kiddos while making lots of fun art and craft projects that are perfect for keeping little hands busy during read-aloud time.

A while back, I was reading Simply Charlotte Mason and stumbled across a list of handicrafts, which surprisingly included scrapbooking. Sure, I was familiar with the concept of handicrafts.

child's watercolor flower craft on table

I just never expected scrapbooking to end up being such a huge hit with my little kids. After all, if you’ve been around for a while, then you know The Keeper of the Memories started out as a scrapbooking blog. 

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Today I’m excited to share a few of our favorite art and craft projects that make wonderful homeschool crafts for kids. You’re definitely not going to want to miss them! 

Keep reading to learn more about our favorite homeschool crafts for kids! 

Scrapbooking for Kids

We love scrapbooking around here. Not only is it something that we can all do together while we listen to audiobooks, but it’s also a great way to practice creative thinking, problem-solving, and fine motor skills in a fun and meaningful way. And best of all? When you’re finished documenting your lives, you’ll have a wonderful keepsake of your homeschool journey.  

Bible Journaling for Kids

If you’re looking for an engaging and hands-on way to get your kiddos excited about reading and studying the bible, then look no further. Bible journaling is definitely it. All you need to get started is a journaling bible or sketchbook and a variety of art supplies. Your kids will have a blast learning about the bible while making bible art. 

Cardmaking for Kids

Cardmaking is not only lots of fun but it’s also incredibly useful. Your kiddos can make greeting cards for a variety of seasons and holidays as well as handmade wrapping paper and even gift tags. Another fun way to incorporate cardmaking into your homeschool while exploring graphic design is to practice creating digital invitations and greeting cards.  

Mixed Media for Kids

Mixed media is definitely one of our favorite ways to get creative. Some days we grab lots of different materials and mediums, turn on an audiobook, and sit down together and make art for hours. It’s the perfect way to not only spend lots of quality time together as a family but also explore texture and technique, cause and effect, and so much more. 

Art Journaling for Kids

Who doesn’t love art journaling? We’ve all heard of keeping a journal, but let’s take it a step further and get messy in the process. If you’re looking for a wonderful sensory experience for your homeschool kiddos, then art journaling should be at the top of your list. You can even take it a step further by learning how to make paper and altered books too. 

Do you have a favorite homeschool craft for kids? Is there something that you and your kiddos enjoy doing together during read-aloud time? Don’t forget to leave a comment and share.