Free Printable Halloween Drawing for Kids

Halloween Drawing for Kids printable activities are a fun way to build important developmental skills like concentration, coordination, and motor skills this October. These Halloween drawing for kids worksheets are a definite must-have for your creative little kids!

Halloween Drawing Worksheets with text: Halloween Theme Free Printable Halloween DrawingI love drawing with my kids. One day, I drew a fearsome shark, my daughter created a “rainbow stripe” shark. My son added many extra rows of teeth to his shark.

Time spent together creating drawings and explaining our artistic choices leads us to a better understanding of each other. It’s quality time together with my kids and that’s totally worth it.

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Want to spend some quality time drawing and writing with your kids this Halloween? These printable Halloween drawing for kids pages come with step-by-step instructions and themed writing prompts.

Keep scrolling to get your own printable Halloween drawing pages today.

Drawing has developmental benefits for kids

Drawing is an excellent form of self-expression for kids that helps them to share emotions, process complex thoughts, and use their imaginations. The process of drawing is beneficial for young children. Here are some of the ways kids can grow and learn while drawing:

  • Kids can develop strong fine motor skills by gripping their pencil or crayon, using specialized wrist and hand movements, and practicing pre-writing strokes.
  • Drawing gives kids a concrete way to learn about complex visual concepts like distance, comparison, and texture. Kids build these skills by drawing things that are big and small, rough, and smooth.
  • Help your children build connections between what they see and what they do. This leads to better hand-eye coordination.
  • Build confidence by giving your child the tools he needs to bring his thoughts to life and affirming his thoughts and feelings by praising his drawings.
  • Kids can learn creative problem-solving skills as they concentrate on creative ways to bring their imaginings to life through art.
  • Practice concentration skills by focusing on obtaining a specific achievement with your drawing to build your ability to concentrate.

How To Use Halloween Drawing In the Classroom

One fun way to bring the benefits of drawing to your students is by instituting a daily drawing time in your classroom. You can use these printable Halloween drawing pages to practice drawing with your kids each day.

Starting the day with a drawing and writing prompt from these printable pages is a fun way to help kids begin to focus and settle down.

Here’s a list of the drawing prompts you’ll find in this Halloween Drawing for Kids printable pack:

  • Black Cat
  • Ghost
  • Haunted House
  • Jack-o-lantern
  • Skull
  • Spider
  • Treat Bag
  • Witch’s Boot
  • Cauldron
  • Witch’s Hat

Each printable Halloween drawing for kids page includes a generic writing prompt with step-by-step visual instructions for recreating a Halloween image.  Children can draw the black cat, ghost, or spider in the blank square provided on the page.

Then, kindergarteners and older children will enjoy practicing their handwriting skills by sharing a short story on the lines provided. For example: Write a story or poem about your favorite Halloween costume. Younger children can get in on the fun by sharing their stories orally or dictating them to a parent or teacher.

More Halloween Fine Motor Fun for Kids

Check out some of these other great Halloween worksheets perfect for learning at home or in the classroom.

Halloween Drawing for Kids

 Free Printable Halloween Directed Drawing Worksheets

Includes 10 directed drawing printables with generic writing prompts. Keep reading for ideas to use these printable activities with your little kids.

Here are a few ideas to get your kids started: 

  • Black Cat – Write a story or poem about meeting a black cat while taking a walk. 
  • Ghost – Write a story or poem about a spooky Halloween ghost. 
  • Haunted House – Write a story or poem about exploring a haunted house. 
  • Jack-o-lantern – Write a story or poem about carving pumpkins with your family.
  • Skull – Write a story or poem about a scary Halloween adventure. 
  • Spider – Write a story or poem about a spider making a web in a unique place. 
  • Treat Bag – Write a story or poem about going trick or treating with friends. 
  • Witch’s Shoe – Write a story or poem about something unexpected happening. 
  • Cauldron – Write a story or poem about making a favorite Halloween treat.
  • Witch’s Hat – Write a story or poem about your favorite Halloween costume.

These Halloween Directed Drawing printables are perfect for homeschool or distance learning.

The directed drawing prompts are meant to encourage creative thinking, problem-solving, and fine motor skills which are important for little kids.

A lot of the ideas involve imaginative thinking, so be sure to encourage your little kids to be as creative as possible.

Preschoolers and kindergartners can dictate their story to you while older kiddos can write their own.

These directed drawing printables also work well for copy work. Write the story your little kids dictate to you on the printable, then let them use their very own special composition notebook to draw the picture, create a scene, and then copy their story.

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Thanks so much for downloading this resource from The Keeper of the Memories! I hope you love using it with your little kids as much as I loved creating it with mine!

Halloween Directed Drawing with text: Halloween Theme Free Printable Halloween Drawing