Free Printable Winter Directed Drawing

Encourage the development of fine motor skills, imagination, and creative thinking with these Free Printable Winter Directed Drawing kindergarten worksheets. Grab your drawing for kids worksheets today!

Winter Directed Drawing Printables with text: Directed Drawing Free Printable Directed Drawing Winter ThemeI can’t wait to share these Free Printable Winter Directed Drawing worksheets with you! These no-prep printables are perfect for practicing important learning skills while having fun and being creative.

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You can even use them for building creative writing skills with your little learners. Keep reading for great ideas to use with these Winter directed drawing pages. Then, download your free printables today.

These free printable Winter directed drawing pages are perfect for kids that want to learn how to draw or need a little help being creative. Your kids are going to love drawing these adorable winter characters!

Use free printable winter directed drawing pages to encourage the development of fine motor skills, imagination, and creative thinking.

Encourage your kids to think outside the box and be as creative as possible. Invent stories about your favorite winter drawings. Young children can tell their stories aloud or draw them in winter “comics.” Older children can practice their handwriting skills by writing out their winter themed stories to share.

They’re an especially great tool for distance learning this year! Don’t forget to sit down and draw with your students and before you know it you’ll all be drawing pine trees together. You may even notice that children who were reluctant to participate before are suddenly involved and building confidence.

Give students fun writing prompts to help them create stories using their drawings. Ask children to tell a story about the penguin they just drew where he has magical powers. Encourage kids to practice writing instructions for making the best hot cocoa ever.

Get Creative with Directed Drawing Worksheets This Winter

Beyond creative writing, you can turn these winter directed drawing printables into some exciting process art projects too. I love process art for kids because it’s all about the process of creation, not the finished product. Process art encourages kids to be creative and explore different techniques and materials.

I love the idea of using these directed drawing activities in this way. Draw the snowflake, for example, and then decorate it with glitter and glue and anything else your kiddos can think of. Don’t forget to be just as creative with the penguin and the pine tree as well. What a wonderful activity to encourage creative thinking and problem-solving in a fun and hands-on way!

Directed Drawing Pages are Perfect for Distance Learning

Directed drawing pages are a really fun and simple way for children to learn to draw because these printables break each winter character or object down to simple steps kids can follow easily. Creating their own winter drawings easily is a big confidence booster.  These free printable winter directed drawing worksheets will help shy kids get engaged in the lesson.

Don’t forget to download and print your very own free winter directed drawing pages today and get creative with your little learners this season! Do you have more creative ideas for how to use these fun drawing pages? I can’t wait to read about your ideas in the comment section, so don’t forget to share them.

Winter Picture Books for Little Kids

We love doing these awesome directed drawing activities during read-aloud time. Hands-on activities are a wonderful way to keep little hands busy, so you’re definitely going to want to check out some of these winter favorites today.

Winter Printables & Activities

Want more winter-themed fun? Try some of these quick and easy cold-weather activities with your little learners today.

Directed Drawing Prompts

These directed drawing prompts are meant to encourage creative thinking, problem-solving, and fine motor skills which are important for little kids.

A lot of the ideas involve imaginative thinking, so be sure to encourage your little kids to be as creative as possible.

Preschoolers and kindergartners can dictate their story to you while older kiddos can write their own.

These directed drawing printables also work well for copywork. Write the story your little kids dictate to you on the printable, then let them use their very own special composition notebook to draw the picture, create a scene, and then copy their story.

Free Printable Winter Directed Drawing

Winter Directed Drawing Printables

Grab the full pack of Winter Drawing for Kids Printable Worksheets via Teachers Pay Teachers here

Keep in mind that all preschoolers and kindergartners do things in their own time and on their own terms. What one is ready for, another might not be. Please use your best mama judgement when planning activities for your little kids.

I hope you enjoy using this free printable winter directed drawing with your little kids as much as I enjoyed creating it with mine.

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Winter Directed Drawing Printables with text: Directed Drawing Free Printable Directed Drawing

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