Free Printable Flower Template

This Free Printable Flower Template is perfect for practicing creative thinking and fine motor skills while making cute flower crafts for preschoolers. You’re definitely going to want to add this printable flower cut-out craft to your next gardening preschool theme.

Flower Template with text: Spring Preschool Theme Free Printable Flower TemplateYou’re going to love these free printable flower templates. They’re so versatile that you can use them for tons of crafts, art projects, and preschool themes.

In fact, I’ve got lots of great learning ideas to share using this Flower Template. Get ready for bulletin board ideas, unit studies, and process art projects filled with sensory fun.

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This printable Flower Template comes in three different sizes, so there are plenty of options for your Spring and Summer projects. Keep reading to discover some of the flower craft ideas and lesson plans you can enjoy with your little learners as you enjoy putting these adorable flower templates to good use.

Learning with Printable Flower Templates

These free printable flower templates are available in three different sizes. After you download your copy of these templates, you can cut them out for your little learners to use later, or let them in on the fun for some extra practice mastering scissor skills.

Cutting helps children build finger muscles and hand strength for handwriting and everyday tasks like buttoning pants. tying shoes, and brushing teeth.

Beyond cutting practice and fine motor skills, these printable flower templates are a fun opportunity to explore learning about flowers and plants too. Use all three sizes together to create cute 3D flowers in a variety of colors. Here’s how:

Preschool Flower Craft Ideas

Three-Dimensional Flowers

What you’ll need

  • Colorful cardstock or construction paper
  • Embellishment or button for flower center
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Here’s how to do it

  • Cut out three flowers in varying sizes. You can use the same color for each size or experiment with different colors too.
  • Stack and glue the flowers together from largest to smallest with the smallest flower on top.
  • Add an embellishment to the center of the flower on top to serve as your flower center. We like using colorful buttons for this part.

Your 3D flowers can be added to any art project or given as gifts. They’re perfect for a bulletin board!

Flower Spin Art

We used this Free Printable Flower Template to make flower spin art. You could easily make your own Spring garden wall display.

What you’ll need

  • Salad Spinner
  • Paint
  • White cardstock

Here’s how to do it

  • Use the flower template to cut out several flowers. We used the Large Flower templates for our flower spin art.
  • Place the cut-out flowers in the salad spinner and then drip different colors of paint on top.
  • Encourage your little kids to experiment with making different designs using the salad spinner.

Flower Unit Study Ideas

Interested in making these paper flower templates part of a unit study or lesson plan with your little learners? If so, check out some of the fun ideas below to get you started:

The activities above are perfect for exploring creativity through art, multi-sensory learning, early literacy, and building problem-solving skills. Add in a few of our favorite books about flowers for a fun read-aloud experience that will help your little learners fall in love with books and get ready for reading too.

These books are a wonderful way to introduce botany and life cycles to kids. Pair them with the other printables and activities shared above for a flower or gardening thematic study.

These fun read alouds are perfect for teaching your little learners empathy, practicing color identification, and more.

Printable Flower Template Patterns

You can use these free printable flower templates for pattern practice too. Cut out several paper flowers in a variety of colors and sizes. Then, experiment with creating flower patterns together.

Begin by setting up a pattern and asking your little learners to choose what comes next. Then, once that skill is mastered, have your kids explore creating their own patterns with varying shapes and sizes.

Recognizing and creating patterns helps kids to understand the concept of making predictions. It’s an important way to help little learners prepare for more complex math equations in the future.

If your kids aren’t quite ready for patterns yet, you can experiment with another important early math concept: sorting. Help toddlers and preschoolers sort these paper flowers by size and/or color. Then, build counting skills and one-to-one correspondence by counting each flower together.

I bet you can think of a few more fun ways to use these free printable flower templates for early math practice, art projects, and all kinds of other learning fun too. Share your ideas in the comment section. I can’t wait to read them! Then, download your own printable flower templates for learning fun too.

Free Printable Flower Template

Keep in mind that all preschoolers do things in their own time and on their own terms. What one is ready for, another might not be. Please use your best mama judgement when planning activities for your little kids.

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I hope you love using this free printable summer template with your little kids as much as I loved creating it with mine!

Don’t forget to stop by next week if you’re interested in seeing what we’re up to with our gardening theme!

Flower Template with text: Spring Preschool Theme Free Printable Flower Template