Floating Houses STEAM

Explore science and STEAM while learning about different types of homes with this Floating Houses STEAM. Not only is this hands-on activity quick and easy, but it’s also perfect for your next Habitats & Homes preschool theme!

collage of houseboat STEAM images with text: Floating Houses STEAM Activity for Little KidsThis Floating Houses STEAM for Kids is perfect for discussing different types of habitats and homes with your little learners. This engaging and hands-on activity focuses on exploring houseboats while also practicing problem-solving and engineering skills.

children playing with people manipulatives in sensory bin
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A huge thanks to Experience Early Learning (formerly Mother Goose Time) for providing us with their Experience Preschool curriculum for free in exchange for sharing our honest and authentic stories resulting from our personal experiences. It’s been such a huge blessing to us! As always, my opinions on awesome stuff for little kids are 100% my own.

children using materials from kitchen to make pretend houseboats
Your little learners will love having the opportunity to engineer their very own houseboats. After all, it’s such a unique and interesting topic and perfect for practicing communication skills too!

lids, manipulatives, and cups in sensory bin
Topics such as this one lend themselves well to creative thinking and problem-solving discussions such as:

  • What would life be like on a houseboat?
  • What supplies would you need to live on a houseboat?

You could also write down the children’s responses and include them in their portfolios or scrapbooks. What a wonderful keepsake!

child holding paper plate in sensory binFloating Houses STEAM

What you’ll need

  • Plastic Cups
  • Lids
  • Figurines

child picking up a handful of manipulativesHere’s how to do it

Set Up & Explore

  • Set out all materials and invite children to build houseboats to put in a water table.
  • Play with people or animal figurines by putting them in the boats.

Big Questions

  • What happens to the homemade boat when toy animals/people are on it?
  • What would be difficult about living on a houseboat?
  • What happens when you make waves in the water?

child building floating house from plastic cups and lids
This activity was one of those ones that not only grabbed my preschooler’s attention but also fascinated my second grader who has a love for all things mechanics and engineering.

child's floating houses made from plastic lids and paper plates
I seriously can’t believe how long they spent arranging and rearranging their houseboats. As a homeschool mama, I love play-based learning and I’m always up for including imaginative play in our homeschool lessons. This Floating Houses STEAM was all of the above and so much more!

child using plastic cups and lids to make houseboats
Don’t forget to check back if you’re interested in seeing what we’re up to next week with our Habitats & Homes theme from Experience Early Learning (formerly Mother Goose Time).

collage of Floating Houses STEAM images with text: Floating Houses STEAM Activity for Preschoolers